Danté Exum's not The Flash, but he sure can run!

So we all know Danté is fast, but he isn't the fastest man alive (aka Usain Bolt) or some scarlet speedster who runs so quickly, he can time travel.

https://instagram.com/p/0EYFciAVBm/?taken-by=grantgust (The Flash is a really great show by the way, thoroughly recommend it if you have been missing out.)

Back to our lad Exum though!

Utah played the Detroit Pistons today, and something interesting happened in the fourth quarter. A ball got knocked loose by Rodney Hood on defense, which looked to be on its way off the court. Danté however, would have none of that. He sprinted like a literal bolt of lightning down the court (trailed by a lagging Reggie Jackson), kept the ball alive and passed it back to Hood, who got an easy bucket at the rim.

[gfycat data_id="DampSevereBarasingha" data_autoplay=true data_expand=true] Exum was asked about this moment later after the game, on how the entire sequence unfolded from his perspective.

"Rodney made a good defensive play, hitting the ball. I saw it, and it took me a second to react and say to myself, I can go get it. I just sprinted as hard as I could to get it, and when I got it, stayed in court and I saw Rodney at the basket."

Post by Utah Jazz.

He also spoke about getting to the rim more as being part of the game plan, on getting used to the speed of the league, and about the team's defense. The season's almost done at this point, and it's encouraging to see glimpses of the bigger and better Exum that will be unveiled next season.