Dante Exum possibly returning after All-Star break

As the trade deadline looms, it comes as no surprise that Dante Exum's name has been mentioned in talks.

The Australian has now almost missed a season and a half since entering the league in 2014 and is still, for the most part, unproven. However, you'd be foolish not to realise the potential of 6'6" point guard and from all reports, the Jazz are fully aware of it.

Tony Jones of The Salt Lake Tribune has said openly that he believes Exum won't be going anywhere.

"I don't think it really matters if there's a lot of interest around the league for Dante Exum because the Jazz almost certainly are going to keep him."

Now that Utah has shown signs of wanting to move Rodney Hood, it seems even more unlikely that they would get rid of another backcourt player.

Exum could be back on the floor sooner than expected, with recent news reports on him working out and participating in non-contact basketball activities. The Salt Lake Tribune has reported that Exum is aiming to return after the All-Star Break, which would provide him with some important court time and potentially momentum heading into 2018/19.

Head coach Quin Snyder was happy to see his point guard taking the court and working on his game.

"It's really good to see him out there. I was talking to Dante and he told me he feels like a basketball player again. So it's definitely good to see him on the floor."


The prospect of Donovan Mitchell and Dante Exum running as a backcourt tandem should excite Jazz fans. If the rookie can continue his meteoric rise and Exum can play at the level which many expect he can reach, they could be a serious force in the league.

Meanwhile, many Aussie fans will just be happy to see the Victorian back out on court with the ball in his hands.