Current Aussies in the NBA

Your list of Australians playing in the National Basketball Association.

The Pick and Roll is pleased to share a listing on current Australian players in the NBA, including links to statistics and social media profiles. Stay ahead of the pack as we cover our Aussies in the NBA.

We’ve received enough questions about Kyrie Irving being an Aussie over the years, that we decided to discuss whether Australia can claim Kyrie Irving and make it a permanent part of this page.

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Aron Baynes (The Big Banger)

Full name: Aron John Baynes

Drafted: Undrafted

Current team: Toronto Raptors | Latest contract: 2-year, $14.3M in 2020 (source)

Managed by: Entersport Management profile | basketball-reference statistics 

Aron Baynes on social media

Twitter: @aronbaynesAron Baynes’ official Facebook | Instagram: @houseobayne

Ben Simmons

Full name: Benjamin David Simmons

Drafted: 1st, Philadelphia 76ers, NBA Draft 2016

Current team: Philadelphia 76ers | Latest contract: Rookie (drafted 2016)

Managed by: Klutch Sports Group profile | basketball-reference statistics 

Ben Simmons on social media

Twitter: @BenSimmons25Simmons’ official Facebook | Instagram: @bensimmons25

Danté Exum

Drafted: 5th, Utah Jazz, NBA Draft 2014

Current team: Houston Rockets (trade) | Latest contract: 3 year, $33 million in 2018

Managed by: Landmark Sports Agency profile | basketball-reference statistics 

Danté Exum on social media

Twitter: @daanteee | Instagram: @daanteee

Jock Landale

Drafted: Undrafted

Team: San Antonio Spurs | Latest contract: 2 years, amount unknown in 2021

Managed by: SIG Sports profile | basketball-reference statistics

Jock Landale on social media

Twitter: @JockLandale | Instagram: @jocklandale

Joe Ingles (Slow Mo Joe, Jingles)

Full name: Joseph Howarth Ingles

Drafted: Undrafted

Team: Utah Jazz | Latest contract: 4 years, $52 million in 2017

Managed by: Priority Sports & Entertainment profile | basketball-reference statistics 

Joe Ingles on social media

Twitter: @Joeingles7‎ | Ingles’s official Facebook | Instagram: @joeingles7

Josh Giddey

Full name: Joshua Giddey

Drafted: 2021, Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA Draft 6th

Team: Oklahoma City Thunder | Latest contract:

Managed by: Octagon Basketball

NBA profile | basketball-reference statistics

Josh Green on social media

Twitter: @joshgiddey | Instagram: @joshgiddey

Josh Green

Full name: Joshua Green

Drafted: 2020, Dallas Mavericks, NBA Draft 18th

Team: Dallas Mavericks | Latest contract:

Managed by: CAA Sports

NBA profile | basketball-reference statistics

Josh Green on social media

Twitter: @josh_green6 | Instagram: @joshgreen

Matisse Thybulle

Full name: Matisse Vincent Thybulle

Drafted: 2019, NBA Draft 20th

Team: Philadelphia 76ers | Latest contract: Rookie contract, 2-year, $5 million in 2019 (source)

Managed by: Goodwin Sports profile | basketball-reference statistics

Matisse Thybulle on social media

Twitter: @MatisseThybulle | Instagram: @theycallmetisse | YouTube

Matthew Dellavedova (Delly)

Drafted: Undrafted

Team: Free agent | Latest contract: 1 year, minimum in 2020 (source)

Managed by: BDA Sports Management profile | basketball-reference statistics 

Matthew Dellavedova on social media

Twitter: @matthewdelly | Dellavedova’s official Facebook | Instagram: @matthewdelly


Patrick Mills (Patty)

Full name: Patrick Sammy Mills

Drafted: 55th, Portland Trail Blazers, NBA Draft 2009

Team: Brooklyn Nets | Latest contract: 2 years, $12 million in 2021

Managed by: CAA Sports profile | basketball-reference statistics 

Patty Mills on social media

Twitter: @Patty_Mills | Mills’ official Facebook | Instagram: @balapat

Website: Patty Mills official website

Ryan Broekhoff

Nickname: Rowdy

Drafted: Undrafted

Team: Free agent | Latest contract: details TBC in 2020 (source)

Managed by: Priority Sports profile | basketball-reference statistics 

Ryan Broekhoff on social media

Twitter: @RBroekhoff45 | Instagram: @RBroekhoff45

Thon Maker

Full name: Thon Marial Maker

Drafted: 10th, Milwaukee Bucks, NBA Draft 2016

Team: Free agent | Latest contract: Rookie (drafted 2016)

Managed by: Excel Sports Management profile | basketball-reference statistics 

Social media

Twitter: @thonmaker14 | Maker’s official Facebook | Instagram: @thonmaker