Could David Barlow be the next Boomer to step up?

Following big man Jonah Bolden's departure from the Boomers' FIBA 2019 World Cup squad, speculation has begun on who the replacement will be. Brock Motum looks like he's all locked in on Valencia Basket, and Deng Adel sounds like the logical choice, talent-wise. The Sudanese-Australian forward could provide a good dose of length, athleticism to the squad. Could David Barlow be a possible option?

Earlier today, the NBL's Liam Santamaria mentioned a scrimmage that featured multiple Boomers playing against the South East Melbourne Phoenix, and also noted the presence of Melbourne United forward David Barlow, who attended the entire session.

Barlow could work. He's a seasoned Boomer who knows the system, having seen recent action in the FIBA World Cup qualifiers, has seen international play through his career before returning to the NBL, and is capable of playing stretches at power forward, depending on lineups.

The 35 year old Barlow averaged 11 points, 4.5 rebounds, 2.0 assists across 34 games in the last 2018/19 NBL season. The 6'9 forward also has what modern basketball loves - a solid perimeter shot. Last season, Barlow made 41% on three-pointers, averaging 5 attempts a game.

“I think I’ve been lucky with the transformation of the game. I was raised as a guard. Back when I was initially a professional, the size of every position was much bigger,” said Barlow in an interview with The Pick and Roll last year.

“There were big guards across the board, and the small forward position was no different. Most of my early days I played the small forward position.

“With the evolution of the game it’s become more of a perimeter-based, faster, small-ball game. Now I play a different position because of that. Having that education as a young professional has helped me transition to this role. I think I’ve been lucky with how the game has evolved and I think it has contributed to my longevity.”