Corey Webster is set for another breakout NBL season

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If you follow me on twitter then you will have seen a couple of comments over the last six months comparing the game’s (and NBL career trajectory) of Corey Webster and Chris Goulding. Both players are elite shooting guard talents in our league with high usage rates, plus a knack for hitting difficult jump shots. Could Webster improve again and be in for a similar type of season to what Goulding did in Melbourne in 2013-14? Let’s compare some numbers:

Corey Webster MINS PPG FG% 3P% FTA AST% TNV% USG% 2013-14 20.1 8.5 42.1 34.6 0.9 17.8 16.1 23.0 2014-15 28.8 15.3 41.8 42.0 2.3 10.1 8.1 24.0 2015-16 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Chris Goulding MINS PPG FG% 3P% FTA AST% TNV% USG% 2011-12 18.4 7.6 42.0 32.9 1.5 6.8 13.2 18.9 2012-13 32.9 15.1 39.9 33.1 3.2 11.9 13.6 24.2 2013-14 35.8 22.8 43.8 37.2 5.5 15.5 12.4 29.6 Webster looks set for career highs in a number of areas after he established himself as a permanent Breakers starter for the first time in his career. Whilst Webster’s playmaking predictably decreased last season (as he played a big chunk of minutes next to Cedric Jackson), he did show some improvement in getting to the free throw line. Matching the huge usage rate and minutes of Goulding in 2013-14 is a bit of a stretch for 2015-16 (Jackson and Nate Tomlinson are different point guard sidekicks), but after an off-season as the NZ National Team’s number one option, he’ll be primed to improve again.

Finishing at a better percentage inside and getting to the foul line, as well as creating a little more for his teammates than he did last season, will all help ease the frustration on those nights when the jump shot isn’t falling like it usually does. With Goulding back in the league this season, New Zealand-Melbourne matchups will be even more fun with some awesome shot making from both of these guys.

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