Central ABL Round 9 - Warriors Destroy Mavericks

The Central ABL Round 9 took place between May 23rd and May 26, results are as follows:

Eastern Mavericks v Woodville Warriors

Women's: Eastern Mavericks 67 - 77 Woodville Warriors

In a tight contest, the Warriors managed up jump out to an early first quarter lead, and hold off the highly competitive Mavericks team down the stretch.

Eastern had the better shooting night, converting 37% from the field, whilst getting to the charity stripe 23 times, however they were careless with the ball, giving up 26 turnovers for the contest. League leading rebounder Emma Hooley dominated the glass, with 18 rebounds to go with 15 points, whilst Shannon Tarran (14 points), Samantha Lubcke (14 points) and Tamara Weiss (13 points) all contributed getting the ball in the hole.

For the Warriors, Carmen Reynolds (23 points and 12 rebounds) was once again a huge asset, and she found support from Ashleigh White (15 points) and Katherine Perkas (17 points). The Warriors struggled from deep, making only 3 of 19 attempts, however having 19 extra looks from the field and forcing a heap of turnovers allowed them to secure the win.

The Warriors finals hopes are still alive, sitting one game out of the 5, however it would be safe to assume that the Mavericks will not finish any higher than 8th

Men’s: Eastern Mavericks 39 - 109 Woodville Warriors

Likely to be this seasons biggest deficit, the Warriors annihilated the Mavericks, making their defense look like butter, and their offence look like school ball.

The Mavericks truly had a night to forget, shooting 22% from the field, 6% from deep, throwing 22 turnovers, and giving up a +20 rebound count. Daniel Lean (11 points and 4 assists) the only player able to find the bottom of the net, with no other player in double figures.

Woodville have put their off-court issues behind them, turning on the after burners, and putting the league on notice that they are not to be underestimated. The Warriors shot 55% form the field, including 45% from deep, and 87.5% from the line. Up 32 at the half, the third quarter saw them extend it to 58, and leaving their foot on the Mavericks throat in the last quarter. The Warriors had 5 players in double figures, with Alexander Starling (21 points and 12 rebounds) their best in 26 minutes of game time. Darren Ng (18 points and 5 rebounds), Luke Stanbridge (12 points and 9 rebounds) also had solid contribution in limited game time.

Eastern stay fixed in 10th place, and unlikely to move by the end of the season, whilst the Warriors take back top spot.

North Adelaide Rockets v Forestville Eagles

Women's: North Adelaide Rockets 65 – 47 Forestville Eagles

With top 5 bragging rights on the line, the Rockets showed the rest of the League, that the Eagles are indeed a step behind the pace as we run into the back half of the season.

Forestville had another shocker on the offensive end of the floor, struggling to make baskets when they need to. The Eagles landed 33% from the field, but converting only 1 of 17 from deep, and seeing limited free throws, saw one of the lowest scoring games for the season. Sarah Petrie (13 points and 4 rebounds) did her best to keep the Eagles in it, with Megan Kermond (9 points and 6 rebounds) the next best contributor. Gun point Jess Fergus (4 points and 8 rebounds) struggled from the field, making only 2 of 13, however she needs more help each week to shoulder the offensive load.

The Rockets played a team game, with Jo Hill (10 points and 13 rebounds), Shannon McKay (11 points), Kirsty Williams (11 points and 7 rebounds) and Jamie-Lee Peris (7 points and 13 rebounds) all playing crucial roles in the win. North converted at 40% from the field, however only went to the line 4 times for the game. A 13 point first half lead set up the game for the Rockets, with a final quarter 5 point win, sealing the important win going into the 2nd half of the season.

The Rockets have only lost the one game this year, playing bridesmaid to the Flames, whilst the Eagles hand on to 5th place, one game ahead of the Bearcats.

Men’s: North Adelaide Rockets 71 – 83 Forestville Eagles

The Rockets pain continues, as their hopes of finals Basketball begins to dwindle. The Eagles played three solid quarters of hoops, to secure a moral boosting 12 point win over the struggle North unit.

North played better in this game than they have most weeks this season, however their inability to effectively defend the paint, and their coach-killing shooting fouls plague their efforts to reign in the first quarter margin. North dragged 11 extra offensive boards, and had 20 extra looks at the hoop, but giving up 33 attempts from the line, was the reason for their demise. Daniel Goodluck (23 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds) was North’s best player for the night, with John Wernham a beast on the boards with 18 rebounds and 13 rebounds. Their captain and best player Pero Vasiljevic went MIA on the night, shooting 18% from the field and getting into foul trouble early.

Credit: Photo Credit: Tanya Fielding Photography

Forestville’s lethal combo of Trent Fildes (22 points and 11 rebounds) and Jake Rios (27 points) were on song, however Rios played a full 40-minute game without grabbing one rebound, and throwing only 1 assist. For the Eagles to be a contender, Rios needs to do more to impact the game than just shoot the rock, and for a player who sees so much of the ball, having only 1 assist isn’t going to cut it, and 0 rebounds is sure to fire Coach Symonds up. Underrated swingman Brad Gerlach had 10 rebounds and 8 assists, however had trouble finding the bottom of the net going 1 from 6.

North stay in 9th place, one game behind the 8th place Tigers, whilst the Eagles now on a 2 game win streak take 6th place, one game out of the five, however in desperate need of a late season resurgence to see any August action.

Norwood Flames v West Adelaide Bearcats

Women's: Norwood Flames 73 – 54 West Adelaide Bearcats

The Bearcats took on the goliath battle that is the lady Flames, and after holding a 5 point first quarter lead, and then a slim 3 point deficit at the main break, the Bearcats would have had confidence in their ability to compete. The lead crept out to 9 before the final break, when the Flames turned on the torches and sealed the classy win, shutting down the West offense and crashing the boards with aggression.

West Import Anna Carbo (22 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists) has been a huge revelation for the Bearcats, with her playing elevating the Bearcats overall play to top 5 quality. Kate Sheirlaw (10 points and 6 rebounds) and Sky Langenbrinck (10 points and 4 rebounds) did a great job supporting Carbo. The Bearcats could only manage 2 from 15 in the final ten minutes.

Norwood were led by Jess Good who had 13 points and 11 rebounds, and Jess Foley with 19 points and 4 rebounds. Amy Lewis also continued her consistent form with 8 points and 9 rebounds, and Norwood's most reliable player this year. The Flames converted at 47% for the game, and out rebounded the Bearcats by 6 boards, and had 7 extra looks from the charity stripe.

Norwood remain undefeated at the top of the ladder, whilst the rejuvenated West sit in 6th place, one game out of the five.

Men’s: Norwood Flames 77 – 70 West Adelaide Bearcats

The Flames men continue their season revival, stamping their authority on the previous league front-runners West Adelaide, handing them a 7-point defeat. Norwood once again started red hot, jumping out to a 9 point lead before West fought back to be up by 6 at the final break, when the Flames put in a solid fourth quarter performance, outscoring West 26-13, allowing only 4 rebounds for the period, and stifling the Bearcat offense.

West however, were undermanned, missing star centre Blake Truslove. Import gun point Jason Dawson (27 points, 6 steals and 4 rebounds) was the Bearcats best, with every other player registering a score but none making double figures. Kurtis Phillips had 9 points and 9 rebounds, however shot at 20% for the game.

The Flames men were led by young star Matthew Lycett (20 points and 9 rebounds), whilst Andrew Webber turned back the clock with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. Streaky shooter Ian O’Boyle struggled to find the barn, going 1 from 11 from deep, however veteran guard Todd Matthews was converting at 58% for 17 points and 6 rebounds.

The Round 18 clash may hold significant importance for the final placing this year, and at full strength, this game is sure to be a fire cracker. West sit in second place on percentage, whilst the Flames, on a 4 game tear move to third place, behind on percentage.

Southern Tigers v Sturt Sabres

Women's: Southern Tigers 53 – 82 Sturt Sabres

Sturt took the night off against the Tigers, with all players seeing reasonable minutes, in a game that was never really in doubt. Sturt helf a comfortable 9 point first half lead, before pouring it on in the third, blowing the game out to 29, then cruising in the last.

The Tigers coughed up 24 turnovers, in what is becoming a common trend this season. Lauren Fisher (18 points and 6 rebounds) continues to show how much she has developed over the past 12 months, whilst Haley Bunce (9 points and 11 rebounds) had one of her better games this year. However the Tigers shot 18 from 65 for the game for 27%, which is a stat line that won’t equate to many wins.

Sturt rotated their squad, with star Natalie Novosel (14 points) only seeing 17 minutes of game time, whilst Kara Hargreaves (16 points and 6 assists) had 19 minutes, and Hannah Richards (12 points and 10 rebounds) saw 26 minutes. The Sabres shot the ball at 46% from the field, whilst their 18 turnovers and 10 from 20 from the line, certainly some areas to work on during the week.

Sturt stay in third place, 2 games behind the second placed North, and Southern stay secured to 8th place, 2 games behind Woodville.

Men’s: Southern Tigers 68 – 80 Sturt Sabres

Southern men find themselves on a slippery slope out of the five this season, with an immediate need to turn their fortunes around to see playoff action. Much like their season, the Tigers put together a first half lead, up by 2 at the main break, however a poor third quarter saw that lead disappear, and a final push by the Sabres putting the game away.

The Tigers star duo of Sam Johns (19 points and 5 rebounds) and Sam McDaniel (8 points and 16 rebounds) were both back from injury, but Southern lacked the firepower to keep building on their lead. Codey Ellison (10 points and 8 rebounds) didn’t have as many looks as he had hoped, whilst bench guard Craig Catford (13 points) relishing in extra minutes.

Sturt were once again led by Dexter Moore (33 points and 5 rebounds) and Tim Klaosen (12 points and 12 rebounds). Moore took the volume shooter approach to the game, with 30 attempts including 17 three balls, however Sturt’s advantage came in their defensive pressure, forcing 20 turnovers, to their 10.

Sturt manage to stay in the five, but are under serious pressure from the Eagles, whilst Southern sit in 7th place, and whilst finals are a possibility, it is seemingly unlikely.

Central District Lions v South Adelaide Panthers

Women's: Central District Lions 41 – 92 South Adelaide Panthers

The Panthers took this game as an opportunity to build some momentum and confidence, belting the Lions by 51 points, in a very one sided affair.

The Lions have had a shocker of a season, and their youth and inexperience is struggling to keep up with even the least successful of teams. Brianna Wedding (8 points and 7 rebounds), and Demi Skinner (9 points and 6 rebounds) have been their shining lights, however their struggles from the field continue, again the team only managing 28% for the game. The Lions were annihilated on the glass as well, giving up a +41 count for the game.

South pasted the Lions in the fashion that they were expected to. League leading scorer Janae Howard (34 points, 19 rebounds and 6 assists) was huge, converting at 55% from the field. Ashleigh Spencer (14 points and 11 rebounds) had a solid night out, in her first game back from college for the season, whilst point Jess Mahony had 12 points, 7 rebounds and 11 assists.

South stay in fourth place, and with their inclusions back from college look to consolidate in the back half of the year, whilst the Lions remain winless in last place.

Men's: Central District Lions 93 – 64 South Adelaide Panthers

The Lions are the hottest team in the league, winning their last 5 straight as they climb the ladder into finals contention. The Lions got off to a hot start, up by 26 at the half, before running away with the game in the final period.

South once again found production from centre Bradley Reid, who had 15 points and 12 rebounds, whilst Tom McKenzie had 17 points and Jordan Robertson had 13 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. South lacked production from guard Shane Boal who up until now had been almost flawless, which had a roll on affect as the Panthers could 0nly manage 34% from the field.

The Lions had 20 amazing minutes of Basketball, but also played 20 minutes of average Basketball, as they were lucky enough to secure as good a win as they did. Chris Clausen (26 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists) was back to his dominant best, whilst guard Kyle Miller (18 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists) was also superb on the night.

The Lions have moved into 4th place on the ladder, only on percentage behind top spot, whilst South find themselves back in 6th, one game back.

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