Central ABL Round 11 - In's and Out's to Shape Finals Race

Welcome to another wrap of the Central ABL. This week we look at the results of Round 11.

Southern Tigers v Norwood Flames

Women's: Southern Tigers 58 - 92 Norwood Flames

The Lady Flames have rebounded from their first loss of the season, dismantling the struggling Tigers outfit in the expected fashion.

The Flames led from the opening tip posting a 22 point first quarter lead, and winning every period from there on. The Tigers tested the flames during periods of the game, but Norwood's ability to convert from behind the arc, and getting to the line, stifled any attempt to close the gap.

For Southern, Shayde Quintrell (20 points at 72%, 12 rebounds and 5 blocks) was their best on the night, whilst guard Lauren Fisher (15 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists) persevered with a poor shooting night to contribute well. The Tigers could only manage 5 from 12 free throws, and crumbled under Norwood's defensive pressure, racking up 30 turnovers for the game.

Norwood were once again led by Amy Lewis (23 points, 7 rebounds and 4 steals), whilst Jess Good (14 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocks) posted great numbers in the win. The Flames only shot 37% for the night, however had 16 extra looks and converted 7 of 17 threes and 21 from 26 from the line.

Norwood stay in top spot on the ladder with 10 wins and the 1 loss, whilst Southern are looking doomed to finish in eighth place with only the 3 wins.

Men's: Southern Tigers 67 - 99 Norwood Flames

The Norwood Flames men are now the hottest team in the league, putting away the Tigers to extend their win streak to 6, whilst the Tigers are the coldest team in the Men's side losing their 5th straight. After a tight first half, the Flames held a slim 6 point lead, before crucifying the young Southern team in the third period with a dominant 39-11 ten minutes, putting the game out of reach.

Southern struggled to find a go to option for the game, with bench player Michael McGreehan putting up 13 points on 5 of 12 attempts including 3 of 9 from deep. McGreehan only saw 13 minutes of game time and was the only Tigers to finish in double figures. Southerns rotations left a lot to be desired, with their most efficient players in Codey Ellison (6 points and 7 rebounds), Craig Catford (8 points and 5 rebounds) and Matt Williams (6 points @ 100% and 3 rebounds) seeing a combined 53 minutes of game time.

Norwood had put together a reasonable game up to half time, but their third quarter explosion was the game changer. The Flames shot 12 of 17 from the field for the period, as well as 4 of 6 from deep and 11 of 19 from the line. Norwood spread the load evenly with five players in double figures. Keith Krause (14 points and 6 rebounds), Andrew Webber (14 points and 3 rebounds) and Matthew Lycett (14 points and 5 rebounds) led from the front, doing their best Spurs imitation on route to a terrific team game. The huge free throw discrepancy 42-8 in favour of the Flames, another key factor in the win.

The win moves the Flames into third place, behind top spot only on percentage. The Tigers slip to eighth place, and whilst still in striking distance for finals, they are more likely to go backwards not forwards.

Sturt Sabres v Eastern Mavericks

Women's: Sturt Sabres 87 - 58 Eastern Mavericks

The Sabres have notched win number 8 this season, sending the lowly Mavericks side back to the hills with loss number 10. Despite Sturt having a poor shooting night, their advantage on the offensive glass (+5), forcing turnovers (26 for Eastern), and getting to the line (42-21), was the main contributing factor in the win.

The Mavericks were once again led by Emma Hooley (12 points and 12 rebounds), with Samantha Lubcke (15 points and 7 rebounds) and Shannon Tarran (12 points and 5 rebounds) chipping in to try and close the deficit. Eastern had a third period to forget, with 11 turnovers and shooting only 23%.

Sturt put together a solid first half lead, up 49-32 at the main break on the back of the Sabres shooting 21 from 26 from the line. Natalie Novosel (19 points, 9 rebounds and 7 steals) had another stellar game, with gun centre Hannah Richards (16 points on 10-12FT) unstoppable in the paint. Tamara Brine chipped in with 18 points, and Jessica McPhail had a double double with 10 points and 10 rebounds.

The win leaves the Sabres in third place, now on a four game win streak. The Mavericks sit in second last place.

Men's: Sturt Sabres 108 - 78 Eastern Mavericks

The Sabres put on an offensive clinic against the Mavericks, notching up a huge amount of points, whilst spreading the load evenly. Sturt shot 47% from the field and 47% from deep going 10 of 21 for the night. The Mavericks didn't play too poorly, however their defence let through 61 first half points, as they struggled to contain the hot hands.

Eastern saw big production from Darcy Aistrope, with 17 points and 7 rebounds in 20 minutes of game time, Dylan Shorne had 14 points and 8 rebounds in only 16 minutes of game time and Thomas Giles had 11 points and 9 rebounds in 24 minutes.

The Sabres had 5 players in double figures, however this didn't include their usual go to option on offense, import Dexter Moore. Moore only had 7 points on 2 of 6 for the game, compared with his 20.8ppg and 37% averages for the season. Perhaps the Sabres will take a more balanced approach going forward, as it clearly paid off in this game. No player saw more than 20 minutes of game time, with gun Tim Klaosen (14 points @ 75% and 6 rebounds) putting in an efficient game. Jordan Heading had 16 points for the game, shooting the lights out going a perfect 5 of 5 from deep.

The Sabres hang on to fifth place, one game ahead of the pack, whilst the Mavericks stay in last place and on a 5 game slide.

West Adelaide Bearcats v North Adelaide Rockets

Women's: West Adelaide Bearcats 52 - 76 North Adelaide Rockets

The Rockets have rebounded back from last weeks shock loss to the Warriors, putting away the dangerous Bearcats side in convincing fashion on West's home court. North trailed by a point at the first break, however fought back to take a commanding 8 point lead at the main break going on to shoot an impressive 50% for the game, and grabbing an extra 13 rebounds for the game.

West struggled to find the hole, shooting 32% for the game, including going only 1 of 11 from deep in a trend that has bugged them since the start of the season. Four players hit double figures, but none went on to make a bigger impact on the game. New import Anna Carbo (12 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists) continued to show her presence in the league, whilst the reliable Sky Langenbrinck (11 points), Stana Zecevic (10 points) and Kate Shierlaw (11 points) did their best to shoulder the load. However when the ball isn't dropping, the good sides get to the line, and the Bearcats could only manage 7 of 13 from the stripe.

Veteran captain Jo Hill (22 points and 14 rebounds) wound back the clock in a stellar performance, with her partner in crime Jamie-Lee Peris (13 points and 8 rebounds) having an efficient night. The Rockets had a big third period, converting at 60% for the quarter and holding West to 28% for a 20-9 margin for the ten minutes.

North stay secured in second place, still one game behind the Flames. West sit one game out of the five, behind the Eagles.

Men's: West Adelaide Bearcats 73 - 51 North Adelaide Rockets

The Rockets offensive struggles for this season continued in Round 11, being held to only 51 points. The Bearcats stepped up the defensive intensity in the last period holding the Rockets to 6 points and 15% from the field, putting the game out of reach. West didn't shoot the ball well for the first 20 minutes, making only 10 of 39 from the field, however a second half turn around making 17 of 37 ensured their victory.

North have been riding the coat tails of two players this season, and this round was no different. Starting point Daniel Goodluck had 12 points on 60%, and forward John Wernham had 11 points on 55% in 19 minutes. Captain and star player Pero Vasiljevic was shut out of the game, with 2 points, 3 rebounds and 6 turnovers in 31 minutes.

The Bearcats had four players in double figures with centre Blake Truslove (12 points and 14 rebounds) going both ways, shutting down the dangerous Vasiljevic and lighting up the floor on the offensive end. Import guard Jason Dawson (17 points and 6 rebounds) was below his usual production, but his work running the offense and moving the ball continues to impress.

West sit in the middle of the three way tie on top of the ladder for 2nd place, whilst the Rockets sit in 9th place and still only 3 games out of the five, I'm calling it curtains on their season.

Woodville Warriors v South Adelaide Panthers

Women's: Woodville Warriors 56 - 74 South Adelaide Panthers

Credit: Photo Credit: Tanya Fielding Photography

The Panthers are now a perfect 6-0 away from home, downing the Jekyll and Hyde Warriors by 18 points. A tight game saw the Panthers in front by 6 at the final break, before turning up the heat on the Warriors, finding their range and putting away the inconsistent Woodville side.

The Warriors had a poor shooting night, converting at only 31% from the field. Katherine Perkas (17 points and 10 rebounds) had a reasonable game, however struggled to find the bottom of the net going 7 of 20 from the field. Carmen Reynolds (8 points and 8 rebounds) was down on her usual production, and like Perkas, just couldn't buy a basket making 3 of 17 for the game.

South were led again by leading league scorer Janae Howard (27 points and 11 rebounds) whilst returning centre Ashleigh Spencer (20 points @ 69% and 5 rebounds) proving pivotal in locking up the paint. Jess Mahoney (8 rebounds and 10 assists) played the role of dime giver, finding her team mates open for plenty of good lucks as she cut up the feeble defensive pressure. South are looking the goods with the side bolstered by returning players, and will look to make a solid run come finals time.

South are now in fourth place, behind on percentage to the Sabres, and two games clear of the fifth placed Eagles. The Warriors are in seventh place, behind the sixth placed West on percentage, and one game back from the Eagles.

Men's: Woodville Warriors 84 - 73 South Adelaide Panthers

The Panther men have put in a valiant effort against the in form Warriors side, however a first quarter 7 point deficit couldn't be overcome, as the Warriors pushed the lead out to eleven and whilst the Panthers stayed with them, they couldn't get any closer.

The sacking of 36ers guard Daniel Sims didn't phase the Warriors, as they shot the lights out, going 49% from the field and 39% from deep, punishing the Panthers defence. Darren Ng (21 points) reverted back to his old self, going 5 of 9 from deep and 8 of 14 overall. Veteran performances from Cam Wilson (15 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists) and Steve Pilkington (15 points and 6 rebounds in 15 minutes). The inclusion of college guard Claybrin McMath will certainly bolster the Warriors finals push, more than making up for Sims departure.

The Panthers were led by centre Bradley Reid (19 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks) who continues his dominant season. Veteran forward Tom Mackenzie put up 16 points, and experienced point Shane Boal had 14 points, however both struggled to score at a great clip.

Woodville stay in top spot ahead of the rest on percentage, whilst the Panthers are now one game out of the five but in seventh place on percentage.

Forestville Eagles v Central District Lions

Forestville Eagles 93 - 33 Central District Lions

The Eagles have pasted the Lions, forcing the biggest win of the season against the inexperienced and youthful side. In true Forestville fashion they kept their foot on the throat the entire 40 minutes, even playing netball star Carla Borrego-Williams for 20 minutes in another qualifying game.

The Lions had a bad night, even by their standards. Managing only 16 first half points, and 4 third quarter points, before finally hitting double figures for 13 in the last period. Centrals shot 22%, had 32 turnovers, gave up a +14 rebound count, and 24 extra shots. Aimee Herriman and Hannah Dixon provided little resistance, both going for 7 points and 5 rebounds a piece.

The Eagles star recruit, Carla Borrego-Williams (17 points and 12 rebounds and 3 blocks) had a big impact on the game, but against this opposition, anything less would be considered a failure. Three other players managed double figures with Jess Fergus (16 points), Samantha Defrancesco (12 points) and Jade Johnson (13 points).

The Eagles stay in fifth place, one game clear of sixth. The Lions remain winless, bolstered to the bottom of the ladder.

Forestville 89 - 74 Central District Lions

Perhaps a bigger story than the result for this game, is the question being asked about Basketball South Australia's player qualification regulations for finals. Starting Point for the 36ers Adam Gibson logged only 4 seconds of game time, and registered one foul, on his way to qualifying his first game for a potential finals appearance. Gibson didn't influence the result however, with the Eagles winning every period against the depleted Lions side, on the back of a huge 49-20 free throw advantage.

Centrals long term star import Kyle Miller was absent from the game, and potentially for the rest of the season. If this is the case, this is a massive blow to the Lions finals chances, as he has been by far their best player over the past number of years. Chris Clausen (19 points and 10 rebounds) did his best to carry the side, whilst the highly regarded Dan Carlin (13 points and 9 rebounds) put up some good numbers in a foul interrupted game. Back up 2-guard Jordan Centernera relished in the extra minutes in Millers absence, with 19 points and 4 rebounds.

The Eagles were led by Trent Fildes (25 points and 9 rebounds) as he looks to find his early season form, and he was supported well by Kean Flowers with 18 points, and Brad Gerlach with 11 points and 11 rebounds. Shooter Jake Rios had 19 points, however could only convert 6 from 21 on the night. The Eagles are hanging onto their season by a thread, and will need to ride this momentum for the rest of the season to see any post season action.

The Eagles sit a game behind in sixth place, whilst Centrals sit in fourth place two games ahead, but likely to slip in the coming weeks.

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