Should you buy NBL tickets on Gumtree?

If you are a massive NBL fan and are having problems getting tickets for a game you really want to see live, it can seem like a real nightmare. Sometimes, big games seem to sell out in no time. You will probably be desperate to find somewhere else to get tickets from.

The NBL provides some thrilling action for fans so it is understandable that there can be great demand for tickets. Some people use the situation to their advantage and try and sell tickets at an inflated rate, or even sell fake or stolen tickets. This is why you need to be careful about where you buy NBL tickets from.

Issues with buying tickets on Gumtree

Gumtree is used by many people who are looking to buy tickets to events that they are struggling to get elsewhere. It is easy to be tempted by someone who appears to be genuine and selling tickets that they are no longer able to use. But what do you actually know about people you are buying tickets off on Gumtree?

The answer to that is that you do not really know anything about them; that is why buying tickets this way is so risky. You have no way of knowing if the ticket you are buying is fake or stolen. You could end up being very disappointed when you arrive at the game and can’t actually get in. The bottom line is that buying tickets for an NBL game on Gumtree is very risky; you could get lucky, but you could also end up losing your money and still not being able to see the game.

Benefits of a reputable ticket seller

If you are having problems getting tickets for the NBL game you want to attend, then there are methods you can use which do not present a risk to you. One of the best ways of getting your hands on hard to find tickets is to use a reputable ticket seller like Queen of Tickets. You can see all of the details of the tickets you are purchasing right in front of you.

All of the tickets are guaranteed to be genuine so once you have purchased your tickets you are certain of being able to watch the game live. The tickets are delivered to you and you can get a refund if the game is cancelled. It makes far more sense to purchase NBL tickets this way then it does to take a chance on buying on Gumtree.

We know how disappointing it can be to miss out on getting a ticket for a game you have been looking forward to. Sometimes you will try anything just to be able to be at the game. Gumtree often seems like a good option because the prices can seem cheaper. The fact is that it is not cheaper if you end up being scammed, losing your money and missing the game. It is far better to have the security of buying your tickets from a reputable seller.