Simmons' unspoken statement impresses Brett Brown as season nears

Brett Brown is impressed with what he has seen from Ben Simmons of late. In fact, Brown explained today that Simmons has made an emphatic statement this offseason.

“Let’s start with the fact that I get here really early. I’m always the first person in this building.

“Not too far after me, Ben Simmons is coming through the door. That has been a repetitive thing for a few months now. That is a statement. That is a statement.”

In an offseason that has seen Simmons hint at improvements to his much maligned jumpshot, and tease out wider improvements to his attacking arsenal, it is the intrinsic dedication to the craft that has caught Brown’s eye.

“We all know that actions speak, most times, far greater and far louder than words. I think that he’s really embracing how to become a pro.

“He’s putting in the time. He understands what the market place says about his deficiencies. He’s prideful and he wants to fix that.”

As for specific, tangible improvements from Simmons this offseason, Brown cited two examples before circling back to what, in his mind, is the most impressive example of all.

“I think that his leadership and his attention to defence; they are areas that I have seen grown. But none more that stand out to me that the example I just said."

That example of Simmons showing off a tireless work ethic is what excites Brown more than anything. It is also what inspires him with the season looming.

“That is a statement. I’m very proud of him and very excited to watch him grow and help him grow.”

Simmons missed practice today in Philadelphia with what Brown described as a sore neck. “He slept on it funny,” Brown commented to the local media, when asked about Simmons missing practice.

No further update was provided, although the relaxed nature of Brown’s response suggests that Simmons should be available on Tuesday night as the Sixers open the NBA season against the Boston Celtics.

The Pick and Roll will be in Boston as the season tips off. Stay posted for more coverage of Ben Simmons, Jonah Bolden and the Philadelphia 76ers.