Box Score – Round 15 #NBLDT Preview

The Box Score team are on vacation! Which to be honest, is an absolute awful time when you're about to hit the most intense stages of a ripping #NBLDT season. Speaking of the season, how quickly has this NBL season gone? It felt like just a fortnight ago we were telling listeners and readers to select Brad Hill for Round 1. In kid, In kid...... Dean!!!

Speaking of Dean, I want to take this short period of time (below is a snapshot of Round 15 thanks to a 'vacation' preview) to give him some props. Turns out selecting Hill to start with is slowly paying dividends - currently in first place, leading the race for the Ladbrokes $5,000 prize for the best NBL Dream Team player after Round 4. Let's hope The Pick and Roll's NBL DT guru can hold on! What about me you ask? Well, I'm still plotting along in 129th - not quite as good, but I certainly plan on making a splash late! Let's not muck about any longer, let's give our recap of Round 14 before we dive into a snapshot of Round 15!


Top: Cameron Gliddon: 32 & 62 (147K) Kevin Lisch: 64 & 28 (207K) Kirk Penney: 28 & 60 (161K) Torrey Craig: 42 & 34 (136K) Cody Ellis: 32 & 26 (89K) Angus Brandt: 54 (124K) Kevin White: 20 & 34 (60K)

Bottom: Adam Gibson: 8 (88K) Corey Webster: 0 (151K) Marcus Thornton: 2 (67K) Casey Prather: 12 (131K) Jordair Jett: 4 (88K) Mitch Norton: -6 (81K)


Melbourne and Cairns (Home/Away Double)

Best Option: Hakim Warrick and Stephen Holt Value: Torrey Craig (pending Weigh again) Don't Go There: Mark Worthington and Daniel Kickert

Illawarra and New Zealand (Home/Away Double)

Best Option: Kevin Lisch and Cedric Jackson Value: Tai Wesley and Cody Ellis Don't Go There: Charles Jackson

Perth vs. Sydney

Best Option: Pass Value: Angus Brandt (BE -8) Don't Go There: Both sides as a whole

Townsville vs. Adelaide

Best Option: Adelaide duo of Jerome Randle & Daniel Johnson Value: Lucas Walker (BE -1) Don't Go There: Mirjo Djeric (in doubt)


Ins: Stick to the Adelaide duo if you don't have them already. There's only so long until they're too expensive for their, after this round. Cedric Jackson is another guard you can target to boost your team right to the end. New Zealand start their run of doubles this week (4 in 5). Remember to trade wisely this time of year!!

Outs: Target those guys on singles this week, and then preferably again the next. Players as well who won't make you anymore coin and may cost you from further upgrades by the skin of their teeth (trading business this time of year is a game of inches). Thornton, Garlepp, Cadee, Beal, Wagstaff, Jawai, Jett, Steindl and Young to name a handful.


Plain and simple this week guys. Ogilvy and Lisch are your go to options. If you're in need of a Point Of Difference and hoping for those guys to fail, your risks are Goulding, Warrick, Webster and Cedric Jackson.

Most of all, we wish you the best of luck for the week ahead. I'll still be available to chat NBL Dream Team via Twitter if you have any further questions. Hit me up at @cp_chalmers and I'll try to help you out!

We've got another article for you next week, however for Round 17 we'll be back in the studio! #BoxScore