The Celtics have Aron Baynes now, why not Andrew Bogut too?

News broke earlier today on Boomers big man, Aron Baynes signing a one-year deal with the Boston Celtics.

According to Fox Sports Australia's Olgun Uluc, Baynes had turned down deals from the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers, and Detroit Pistons, before he committed to Boston.

The Boston Celtics solidify their front court with the addition of Aron Baynes, but he remains the only traditional big man in their lineup. Could there be room for another Australian big man on their roster?

According to Ryan Bernadoni, Boston could be looking at $101 million in guaranteed money when things settle down. There is still room for roster movement, and veteran minimum contracts can be signed, even if the team goes beyond the salary cap.

“They’re all competitive and winning clubs. I’m hoping a few more sneak in there once a few more players have settled. Money won’t be the number one driver, there are other factors I’m looking at, such as role and winning.”

Andrew Bogut has commented about wanting to sign with a winning team, and Boston is shaping itself up to be a versatile, talented team, albeit one with a painfully undersized front court. Adding Bogut as injury insurance might sound ironic given the big man's history, but the Celtics could definitely use an extra enforcer who's also a nasty screener, especially at a budget. Again, it's in the Celtics' best interests to preserve Horford's health for the playoffs, and not run him down as a center during the regular season.

Let's not forget Bogut's talent for playmaking. The big man has shown his passing chops in Golden State, and he was the catalyst behind the Boomers' Olympic run at the Rio Olympics, and completely transformed the team whenever he was on the floor. Adding him in a fluid passing offence like Boston would definitely work.

Plus, who wouldn't like to see a Boomers front court appear on the NBA hardwood? It surely wouldn't happen very often, but the possibility is there.

Why stop at getting one Australian? Make it happen, Boston.