A sneak peek at the Boomers' World Cup jerseys

As the International Basketball Series and Boomers exhibition games edge ever closer, the latest version of the Boomers apparel line have been revealed. The Pick and Roll shares a look at both official and fan versions.

The Boomers on-court wear is PEAK branded and iAthletic are the merchandise partner for all related apparel.

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Official team jersey

The actual team jerseys, which the players will be wearing, have a PEAK logo on the right, and the familiar Commonwealth Coat of Arms in the middle, represented by the shield that's held up by the kangaroo and emu. AUSTRALIA is printed in the athletic/sports font used by many sporting teams, especially professional franchises.

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The back of the jersey (refer below image) shows the player name, number and the sponsored Qantas logo.

Our first positive review came from forward Joe Ingles, who described the player's jersey as "the best singlet he has had as a Boomer".

The fan jersey

This version (branded as the Elite Cut and Sew) has the same cut and colours, but is differentiated in several ways:

  • Use of a cursive font

  • A non-centred number, and

  • The absence of the Australia coat of arms

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The Boomers Fan Man version displays a default BOOMERS on the back, with a preselected number 1 as the jersey number.

(Something that could have been a fun option --but likely made unavailable given manufacturing time constraints and proximity of the World Cup-- would have been the choice to customise names and numbers onto a jersey.)

The All Players version, allows choice of player and associated jersey numbers.

  • Andrew Bogut #6

  • Aron Baynes #12

  • Ben Simmons #25

  • Brock Motum #14

  • Cameron Gliddon #3

  • Chris Goulding #4

  • Deng Adel #32

  • Joe Ingles #7

  • Jock Landale #34

  • Jonah Bolden #43

  • Mitch Creek #55

  • Matthew Dellavedova #8

  • Nathan Sobey #2

  • Nicholas Kay #11

  • Patty Mills #5

  • Todd Blanchfield #16

  • Xavier Cooks #15

This selection will likely be updated once the final squad is confirmed next week. Ben Simmons' number is still available for order at the time of publishing. Jason Cadee --who was named to the Boomers following Simmons' exit-- and Mitch McCarron are not available on the order list.


The off-centre alignment is particularly interesting. Coupled with the choice of font, it seems like a deliberate design choice to depict a casual, street vibe over the traditional version, a nod to Melbourne's style. Here's a close up of the alternate gold version.

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The back view features an Australian Boomers logo, which is absent from the actual player jersey.

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The new Australian Boomers team gear are available for purchase online now, via the Aussie Basketball store under the Australian Boomers range. The Elite Cut and Sew Boomers jerseys are currently priced at $110, excluding shipping charges.