Aussies in NBA: Bogut's Splash Brother audition

If there ever was an NBA moment which encapsulated the notion of “contrasting fortunes”, it was perfectly personified by Andrew Bogut today.

Better known for his immaculate defense and his ability to thread gorgeous passes to keep the Warriors’ machine humming, the Aussie big man instantly achieved social media infamy with this limp effort at the free throw line.

[gfycat data_id="CapitalForkedGalapagosmockingbird" data_expand=true]

Just for reference, Bogut is shooting a ghastly 45.8 percent from the charity stripe this season. He’s at 55.7 percent for his career, shooting woes that are no doubt a legacy of that horrendous injury that shattered his right arm, as a Buck in 2010.

Clearly, a “Splash Brother” he is not.

An impending Shaqtin’ a Fool appearance notwithstanding, the Bogeyman was not yet done. Later in the 3rd quarter, this happened.

[gfycat data_id="JampackedCelebratedBobolink" data_expand=true]

That splashed 3 from the top of the arc was his first, and only, 3-point attempt for the season. Do the math, and that makes him a rather impressive 100 percent from downtown – he’s shooting better than Stephen Curry.

It’s time to make those adorable infographics!

But let’s temper our expectations here. For the record, before today, Bogut had taken a grand total of 24 3-point attempts over his career. He made two.

Induction into the Splash Brotherhood may have to wait. Still, there never ceases to be a dull moment when it comes to Andrew Bogut.