BIG V | Top 25 MVP Contenders

With just over two thirds of the Big V regular season complete, it's time to take a look at the key contenders for the State Championship Men and State Championship Women most valuable player awards.

Each player's skill set, box score numbers and impact on both ends were taken into account to determine the following lists.

State Championship Women

#1 | Ariel Thomas | McKinnon | Guard

Scout: Ball dominant point guard who has the ball run through her on nearly every possession. Finds ways to the hoop, creates contact, gets to the foul line and facilitates for her teammates.

#2 | Courtney Duever | Forward | Sunbury

Scout: Smart power forward who uses her strengths to get to the ring. Can defend multiple positions and has great touch for a big.

#3 | Rebecca Cole | Guard | Eltham

Scout: Super talented point guard who has turned into a score first guard in this league. Can light it up on any given night, while still finding teammates in the open court.

#4 | Brittany Carter | Guard | Southern Peninsula

Scout: High IQ, plays multiple positions, long and athletic. Smart, talented basketballer who can do it at both ends. Defensive master.

#5 | Tori Jarosz | Forward/Centre | Ringwood

Scout: Old fashioned inside game with the ability to step out and hit the mid-range. Rebounding machine and will record 10+ boards every night.

#6 | Te'Rea Cunnigan | Guard | Knox

Scout: Pacey guard who likes to get out and run. Has a nice stroke but a little inconsistent jumper. Really strong for her size.

#7 | Orla O'Reilly | Guard/Forward | Sunbury

Scout: Uses her size and length to advantage, handles the ball really well. Not an explosive wing but can still find ways to blow by you.

#8 | Mua Laloifi | Guard/Forward | Hume City

Scout: Hustler on both ends of the floor. Has turned into a really good wing player on the offensive end as well as playing bigger than she is on the defensive end of the floor.

#9 | Kate Oliver | Centre | Diamond Valley

Scout: Limited at what she can provide, but is extremely good at doing what she does. Low block, short corner and elbow jump shots are bread and butter.

#10 | Sarah Boothe | Centre | Bulleen

Scout: Uses size to advantage, grabs rebounds at both ends of the floor and finished well around the rim.

#11 | Tegan Cunningham | Forward | Waverley

Scout: Length at the wing is an advantage. Grabs boards. Active on both ends of the floor, yet can disengage at times in the game. Shoots a lot of long two's.

#12 | Kelly Bowen | Forward | Waverley

Scout: Likes to get out and run the floor, can finish extremely well as the trailer in transition. Solid jump shooter.

#13 | Sydney Coffey | Forward | Ringwood

Scout: Quite an athletic wing who has a variety of options to get to the cup. Versatile without setting the league alight.

#14 | Rebecca Ott | Guard/Forward | Knox

Scout: Unique sort, unorthodox way of finding herself to the rim. Solid jump shooter which can improve. Underrated passer.

#15 | Colleen Planeta | Forward/Centre | Hume City

Scout: Reigning three-time MVP can do it at both ends. Elite shot blocker, while can stretch the floor on the offensive end and hit the three. There's class about her.

#16 | Kara Tessari | Guard | Bulleen

Scout: Pocket rocket guard who has some talent about her. Stocky guard who uses her strength to find the free throw line. Can finish in traffic and an above average facilitator.

#17 | Lauren Pearce | Forward | Bulleen

Scout: Provides a bit of everything. Above average in the low post, can take her defender off the dribble and also stretch the floor. Great defender.

#18 | Kasey Burton | Guard/Forward | Diamond Valley

Scout: Solid shooter, can defend her position well while grabbing rebounds someone in her position probably wouldn't. Great off the ball player.

#19 | Nicole Zammit | Guard | Hume City

Scout: Elite passer in the competition, great handle on the ball and involves teammates everywhere on the court. Can create for herself when required.

#20 | Nat Van Den Adel | Forward | Bulleen

Scout: Long and athletic wing who creates for herself. Can find herself getting into her sweet spots and shooting over defenders thanks to her length and stroke.

#21 | Meg Dargan | Guard | Warrandyte

Scout: Pint sized point guard who uses her speed to blow by defenders. Likes to play with pace and is a reliable jump shooter as well.

#22 | Morgan Pullins | Forward/Centre | McKinnon

Scout: Defensive minded centre who plays undersized at times, patrols the paint well and can rebound. Has a nice touch when in traffic from around 5ft.

#23 | Josie Stockill | Forward | Sunbury

Scout: Great touch around the rim, can defend her position well. Has a solid jump shot from mid-range.

#24 | Monique Stevens | Guard | Sunbury

Scout: Great passer and controls the ball and tempo well. Doesn't create much for herself, pass first point guard but can shoot the three once the ball gets back around to her.

#25 | Katrina Hibbert | Forward | Eltham

Scout: Continues to be a threat on the offensive end with great touch and a great stroke. Can defend the paint and bog opposition players down.

State Championship Men

#1 | Jeremy Smith | Guard | Werribee

Scout: Can do it all on the offensive end. Extremely athletic, can create his own shot while facilitates others. An outstanding asset to have on any team and currently the run away leader in this competition.

#2 | Ray Sanders | Guard | Diamond Valley

Scout: Smart basketballer, real IQ guard that teams up well with teammates. Isn't super flashy but can light up games in short periods of time.

#3 | Dillon Stith | Forward | McKinnon

Scout: Long and athletic type who loves to find his way down the middle of the basket. Can crash the boards when required. Tips passes and engages transition basketball.

#4 | Mike Rose | Guard | Hume City

Scout: Last year's MVP when with Knox. Knows how to get it done on the offensive end however needs the ball in his hands. Gets most of his points around the cup.

#5 | Jacob Gibson | Guard | Ringwood

Scout: Flat out shooter. What he was brought in for and can change games in short stretches. Can also strategically find his way to the FT line too when it isn't his night behind the arc.

#6 | Desmond Simmons | Forward/Centre | Waverley

Scout: Started slow before really working into the competition. Does it at both ends while his rebounding numbers start to pile up as his footwork also improves.

#7 | Adam Thoseby | Guard | Knox

Scout: Straight gunner, deadly three-point shooter who understands when to use it. Underrated ball handler and passer, while also being an above average defender.

#8 | Michael McCahey | Forward | Ringwood

Scout: Hustle type player. Gets his rebounds and starts the break, creates extra opportunities for his team with reading the ball mid-flight. A handy addition for any basketball unit.

#9 | Brandon Polk | Forward | Casey

Scout: Consistent at both ends of the floor. Low post type player who will consistently get your 20 and 10 night in, night out. Would prefer slow pace of game to find his spots. Injury riddled.

#10 | Cameron Baker | Guard | Corio Bay

Scout: Extremely athletic and talented. Pocket rocket who gets out and runs. Inconsistent jump shot. Unfortunately departed mid-season, would have been a front runner if he played throughout.

#11 | Ben Waldren | Forward | Eltham

Scout: Tactically talented. Knows his unique and unorthodox strengths and uses them to his advantage. Gets to the rim and can finish through contact.

#12 | Dylan Hare | Guard | Knox

Scout: Underrated talent. Glue guy who can also ball out at times. Doesn't always need the ball to be effective. Can play multiple positions.

#13 | Jonathon Maybank | Guard | Whittlesea

Scout: Took the jump to Championship this season and hasn't looked back. May not be on the best team, but certainly making it his own. Fights each and every night. Shooting %'s not high.

#14 | Jason Reardon | Guard/Forward | Corio Bay/Waverley

Scout: Slides down due to his new role at new club. Does it all on both ends. Loves a slow tempo on the defensive end, yet exercises fast breaks better than anyone. Called upon when required.

#15 | Matt Hodgson | Centre | Knox

Scout: Man mountain in a league of his own. Finds himself in foul trouble often enough, however when he's not he can punish teams in a hurry. Low post monster but requires composure.

#16 | Luke Egan | Forward | Hume City

Scout: Continues to do what he does. Jump shot clean, can bully his way into the paint and continue to produce on the offensive end. While a touch slower on the defensive end, still patrols the paint.

#17 | Jack Barry | Guard | Hawthorn

Scout: Young star on the rise, smart ball handler while isn't necessarily a pass first PG. A little turnover prone however has a lot of responsibility on shoulders this year.

#18 | Matt Fennell | Forward | Ringwood

Scout: Big body that uses it to his advantage. Battles well for rebounds especially on the offensive glass, doesn't need the ball in his hands to be effective.

#19 | Ivan Platenik | Forward | McKinnon

Scout: Offensive based player. Low block specialist with good hands and great footwork. Consistent type. Has defensive struggles at times.

#20 | Matt Snowball | Guard | Ringwood

Scout: Elite ball handler, elite passer. Paint penetrating guard, doesn't shoot much, draws fouls.

#21 | Justin Aver | Guard | Eltham

Scout: Great ball handler, has a good jump shot while also able to facilitate teammates. Prolific from both three-point and mid-range.

#22 | Ta'ane Samuel | Forward | Whittlesea

Scout: Young. Improved mobility and skills yet still raw. Has star potential and is relishing playing against the bigger bodies.

#23 | Chris Kaba | Forward | Knox

Scout: Inconsistent. Brilliant on given night with an unorthodox jump shot and attacking the rim. Can disappear on another night when nothing works for him. Defensive lapses at times.

#24 | Ben Louis | Forward | Casey

Scout: High IQ player at both ends of the floor. Old school approach with fundamentals being key over flash. Footwork brilliant.

#25 | Chris Cameron | Centre | Eltham

Scout: Stretch five who has elite range. Uses his footwork to control opponents. Underrated distributor.

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