Australia and New Zealand junior basketball prospect tracker

Keep your eyes on our rising talent.

The Pick and Roll is pleased to present a list of talented basketball prospects across Australia and New Zealand, maintained by Michael Houben. Players are organised by initial class years, have their current commitments (professional team, college) listed, and will have ongoing notes from Michael on their project ceiling, strengths and areas to work on (think of it as a mini scouting report).


This list started as a personal resource, but due to its increasing extensiveness, I've decided to make it a publicly accessible resource, in partnership with The Pick and Roll. As a result, notes are subjective in nature. Some players I have seen in depth, others a more cursory glance at available information and footage, so notes are subject to change.

Players in the class of 2018 or older that have left or are leaving college to pursue professional options are excluded from this list.

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This is also very much an ongoing project - as such, feedback is not just welcomed, but appreciated. Information is sourced to be as accurate and up to date as possible, but if you would like to suggest any amendments or additions, please contact me on Twitter - @michaelhoub.

* We have heard your feedback on include female prospects, and it will happen soon as we have the appropriate resources to create and maintain it, which is powered by our fantastic, knowledgeable team, all of whom do not make a cent. All earnings from the site go back into the business and help us to grow and pay the bills. If you like what we do, buy us a coffee today.