Aussies in Summer League: Motum heroics spark late Jazz surge, Broekhoff sizzles

Summer League veteran Brock Motum showed some fine effort in a 91-82 victory with the Utah Jazz, recording 12 points and 6 rebounds, while Denver's Ryan Broekhoff recorded 6 points off some timely shooting.

“All I do is play hard, try to do the little things and try to help the team win. It’s just my role, I guess, I’m not going to be a superstar.” - source

Brock Motum has ceaselessly played his part on the team while giving full effort, and it certainly paid off this night. The 24 year old forward saw sporadic minutes throughout the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, but made his scoring impact in a fourth quarter blitz, scoring back-to-back three-pointers off a sagging Timberwolves defense.

He rallied the Jazz back from a scoring drought, and placed his team firmly ahead in a lead that was never relinquished thereafter. The Jazz had both their starting guards (Hood, Exum) out this game, and it was good to see Motum taking the reins in a shaky situation, and help put the team ahead when they needed it.

After the buzz of concern over Ryan Broekhoff's limited play and a hip flexor strain yesterday, the Australian forward emerged none the worse for wear in today's game against the Miami Heat.

Unlike his debut game where a mix of passing, rebounding and defense were keenly felt, Broekhoff's impact was felt in a fine shooting display. He was named as starter once more, and scored 6 points off some hot shooting from downtown.

Check out this corner three from Broekhoff, courtesy of a watchful Mudiay.

It's interesting to note that Broekhoff only played 13:50, which was the second least minutes among all the active Nuggets today, but we could likely attribute it again to safety measures taken to prevent further strain or injury.

The extra caution is certainly well-placed, seeing as Broekhoff has also been named to the Boomers squad and likely a integral part of this year's run. With Joe Ingles' absence in a Boomers jersey (and appearance as an expert commentator), Broekhoff's playing opportunities open up considerably, and at the same time leave the Boomers with a little less depth at the swingman position. Needless to say, it's in the NBA and also the Boomers' best interests to keep the swingman healthy.