Aussies in NBA: The sweet NBA life of Andrew Bogut

Andrew Bogut has got to be enjoying life right now. Being a part of the defending champion Golden State Warriors brings a lot of cool side-perks. In his new piece for NBA Australia, Bogey talked about meeting the Prez, breaking more records, and taking some time off to catch up with his fellow Boomers.

1600 Pennsylvania Ave

One of those aforementioned cool side-perks is getting to meet the POTUS. Funnily enough, Bogut didn't sound overly enthused about it.

"It's actually quite a long day, given we have to go through a lot just to get in there," said Bogut.

"I've been to the White House before, so from an individual perspective, last week's visit was more about the team than any personal enjoyment. It was about celebrating our championship."

Apparently President Obama plays favourites too.

"The President spent quite a bit of time with us as a group, and he also spent some one-on-one time with some of the big dogs of the team like Steph and Draymond."

Still, it was a momentous occasion for many.

"Many of the guys brought their families along, and I know it'll be an experience that none of them will forget."

More history being written

Records are set to be broken, and the 2015-16 Warriors seem like they're giving it as good a go as any. First there was the best start in NBA history at 16-0, then a lot of talk about them topping the Chicago Bulls' 72-10 1995-96 season.

Bogey himself has played an important role in getting the Dubs to this point. Defense is his calling card, and he's been leading the team in blocks, coming up with some magnificent rejections in the process.

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The way he erases shots sometimes, you'd think this would be a fitting theme song for the Bogeyman. Of course, it's not all destruction with Bogues. His passing creates a lot too, with the undoubted highlight of the season so far being the famous Blind Pig play.

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Beating the Rockets on February 9th apparently broke another record, topping the 1966-67 Philadelphia 76ers' record start to a season, but Bogey is advocating calm and taking it one game at a time.

"We'll address some of the bigger records when and if we get closer to them - particularly the Bulls' 72 wins. We just don't want to get ahead of ourselves at this point. If we do, we're likely to lose focus of where we need to be."

A Boomers All-Star Catch-up

As you might know by now, our Aussies in the NBA will be giving the All-Star festivities a miss to meet up and hang out together.

"Most of the NBA guys who are part of the Boomers set up will catch up during the All-Star break," Bogues said.

"It'll be nice to grab a couple of meals with the fellas, and have a relaxing chat. Having the opportunity to spend some extra time with one another will be extremely beneficial, because there won't be a lot of time to just hang out after the NBA season ends."

"It can be quite hard to plan these things due to everyone's schedules, but most of the guys will be able to hang out after the NBA season ends."

In an interview with The Pick and Roll, Patty Mills said about as much.

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“Yeah, we’ll be heading to San Diego actually. All the Aussie boys, just to get together obviously. Rio’s coming up, should be fun to get in and just hang out,” Mills laughed.

“Nothing major, just hanging out with each other and get a good feed. I mean, we see each other when we play, but we don’t really have time to talk much.”

“We’re planning to do anything but basketball,” Patty commented. “It’s probably the best thing, we can just chill out. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Lookin' good, fellas!