Aussies in NBA: No fuss, just defense for Bogut

In a game that was nowhere as close as the final score indicates, Andrew Bogut quietly went about his business. He tallied 2 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 blocks to help the Warriors beat the Charlotte Hornets 111-101 and get to 32-2 on the season.

As is usually the case, the big man didn't find himself with the ball in his hands very much on offense. He took only two shots, making one of them, but what a neat finish it was.

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Big props to Draymond Green for the rampaging fast break and a picture-perfect lob for the assist. He finished with a third straight triple-double, only the second Warrior ever to do so (the first was Tom Gola in 1960).

Going back to Bogey, the Dubs center could have had a fourth assist if Brandon Rush had been able to connect on this triple. When was the last time you saw a pass like this come from a big man?

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No-look behind-the-back! Come on Brandon, hold up your end of the bargain!

Last but certainly not least, Bogut definitely held up his end of the defensive bargain, first destroying a Kemba Walker attempt and then making sure Cody Zeller will have nightmares of the Bogeyman for weeks to come.

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All in all, a typically steady game from Bogey. Solid screens, crisp ball movement, towering rim protection. Next up for the Warriors: the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center.