Aussies in NBA: Mills sizzles from mid-range in Spurs loss

Patty Mills played only ten minutes in his third preseason showing, and recorded 6 points (3/5 field goals), 3 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal in the 86-100 loss to Atlanta (box score).

There was no love from three-point land tonight (0 of 2 made), but Mills did not miss a beat when it came to mid-range jumpers. For example, this nasty crossover and mid-range pullup.

[gfycat data_id="ConcreteRepentantElephantbeetle" data_autoplay=true]

After a botched steal attempt from Jeff Teague, Mills was left wide open for the shot. He took a single dribble in, pulled up for the shot and swished it with ease.

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Mills managed to lead the team in +/- differential this game, and made a positive impact in the very limited court time he had.

The Spurs take a three day break after this loss. Stay tuned as Patty Mills meets the Big Banger on the court, when the Spurs take on the Pistons in San Antonio.