Aussies in NBA: Mills brings the hustle and flow against the Clippers

It’s becoming harder to work out where the hustle ends and Patty Mills begins. His no. 8 jersey seemingly signifies the infinite amount of energy he brings to a basketball court.

His spark and spacing was vital for the San Antonio Spurs in defeating the Los Angeles Clippers 115-107.

While Mills finished the game with 8 points (3-of-9 shooting, 2-of-4 on 3-pointers), 2 assists, 2 rebounds and a block (we’ll get to that later) in 24 minutes of play, those stats don’t measure his impact.

Plus/minus does a better job of it, showing Mills posted a +11, which was the highest for any player who played over 10 minutes in the game.

With Gregg Popovich choosing to Hack-a-Jordan for long stretches, it saps the player’s energy and rhythm as the stand around watching Clank City in action (Jordan went 8-of-20 from the line).

Mills’ perpetual motion not only kept him in the action, it was able to re-energize his teammates and help get them get back into the flow of the game.

Today’s defining Mills hustle play was his block on J.J. Redick’s 3-point attempt, only seconds after he had drained his own 3.

Mills was part of a second unit that started the 4th quarter and were able to vault the Spurs into the lead for good, while playing some beautiful basketball along the way.

It took just over 2 minutes for the group to turn a 3 point deficit into a 5 point lead, before Mills was taken out for a well-earned rest.

You can check out the rest of Mills’ highlights below.