Aussies in NBA: Jingles confirms Jazz return on 2-year deal

The wait is over!

Absolutely pumped to be back with the @utahjazz for another 2 years! Lots of exciting times ahead with the group we have! #JazzNation

A photo posted by @joeingles7 on Jul 6, 2015 at 4:34pm PDT

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Joe Ingles will be returning to the Jazz for another two seasons, with a $4.5 million contract in tow.

Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune has also tweeted that there will be no options in the contract, which means neither the team nor Ingles will have an option to opt out.

It's great to see Jingles back at Utah. He's talked about loving his time in SLC last season, and the Jazz front office certainly agrees.

The swingman has provided a much-needed veteran role in the young team, steadying the helm in a point forward role and helping to create plays in tight situations. The veteran also brings a dab of versatility to the table, from passing to scoring and also defense. He's also had some fine performances during the season. Ingles scored double digits in 16 games, and also recorded a brilliant 18-point performance against the Timberwolves in March, making 7 of his 10 shots on that night, at an accuracy of 70%.

Not only that, Big Joe has been a fine interview subject throughout the season on his radio appearances, and has likely given fans everywhere a chuckle with his humourous anecdotes, the most memorable being a recount of teammate Gordon Hayward's perfect hair routine.

I’m gonna give you a little insight on his haircut and how long and silly it is.

In this last trip, we were rooming right next to each other, our rooms are basically joined. We had an adjoining door which we opened a couple of times to talk to each other.

But yesterday, he went to sleep for a little pregame nap. I got up, and it was half an hour before we had to leave and I went to the bathroom. And as I was passing through the little corridor to get to my bathroom, I could hear all this noise in his room. I thought, I hope he’s all right. He’s been away from his wife for a while, I hope he’s not sad and he’s not feeling upset or whatever.

And I put my ear kinda next to the door to hear it was… and it was the hairdryer going.

So I’ve never… (chuckles) seen a man use a hairdryer before, and I knocked on the door to try and see a man use a hairdryer. So he was in there, I don’t know what he was doing. I did see the day before that he had like seven different hair products and a little comb. And the hair, obviously now with the hairdryer. and it’s pretty obvious how much he likes his hair.

And I think if you watch him during the game, it doesn’t move. I don’t know how it’s possible, but it actually doesn’t move.

Ingles has fitted in with the team, both on and off the court, and we can only expect nothing but more good things from an extension with the Jazz. Here's looking forward to more good things from Jingles in the season ahead!