Aussies in NBA: Joe Ingles heats up from downtown

Joe Ingles will be entering the 2015/16 NBA season in fine form. Backing up from his encouraging game against the Trailblazers a few days ago, Ingles had himself a game against Portland again today.

Although the Jazz eventually went down in overtime 111-116, Ingles provided plenty of highlights. In 20 minutes of game time, Ingles took 7 shots, all of which came from beyond the arc, and drained 5 of them. He finished with 16 points, 2 assists, 1 rebound and a steal.

In the third quarter Ingles scored 9 straight points in a span of just 1 minute and 22 seconds. It was triple after triple for Ingles, and it was beautiful to watch.

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It was clear that coach Snyder had seen enough positives from Ingles in his sizzling third quarter, as he sat out the entire fourth quarter and OT period. Although it would've been nice to see some more Slo-Mo Joe, we must remember it is only preseason and Utah want to see what others such as Trey Lyles and Bryce Cotton can do.

Obviously Ingles isn't going to be this hot every game, but if he can consistently knock down a couple of three's a game, opposition defences will have to pay respect to his outside game. The more attention being paid to Ingles on the outside, will allow his teammates more room in the interior and also on the other wing. This is where Ingles' court vision and passing ability will be extremely valuable.

It is clear that Ingles makes those around him better. Once again Ingles recorded an impressive +/- rating, this time finishing with a team high +16.

With only two preseason games remaining for the Jazz, it is time to get excited about just how close the regular season is!