Aussies in NBA: Jingles talks Boomers, Jazz training camp and more

Joe Ingles was available after today's practice session for a quick interview (audio via The Zone) with assembled media, and shared his thoughts on various topics, ranging from the Boomers to his first training camp, the new guys and more.

On how the offseason break made a difference

When asked about how his offseason break had made a difference, Ingles came out with a definite positive.

"Good! I think the biggest thing with me was getting away from it for a little bit. With all those years in Europe and how long the season is, and obviously with the Australian team straight after that. Then coming here was obviously [a] pretty big year for my first year," Ingles shared. "Just needed to get away, so it was really good. Got the body feeling better, I think that was a big thing was just having some rest. Not being on a court, couple of hours every day for all year basically... [I] feel good out on the court, feel good fitness-wise and strength-wise."

On missing the Boomers this year

Ingles' decision to skip the Boomers' campaign this year was a tough one, and the forward called it the hardest decision of his life.

"It sucks to be honest. It was like the hardest decision of my life, but it was something that weighed on me for a little bit," Ingles revealed that he had second thoughts about the decision afterwards. "I did want to play and thought about maybe giving [the Boomers] a call when I got home and then maybe playing, but it wasn't the right thing to do."

On top of that, he talked about having confidence for the Oceania series. Having fellow Australian NBA athletes like Andrew Bogut and Patty Mills on the team, along with the overall strength of the roster, allowed Ingles to rest and get ready for next year's campaign in the Rio Olympics.

Training camp thoughts

Let's not forget that this is Ingles' first training camp with the Jazz. He was asked about the reason behind his drenched state, and whether it came from the gruelling session. Jingles attributed his current state to active sweat glands.

"I'm a sweater. I sweat making dinner and going to the bathroom, and everything," Jingles shared with a smile. He went on to talk about the practice session being no walk in the park either. "[The practice session] was intense today, that was good. It was a lot of up and down, which was kind of what we needed."

"Obviously, you guys saw it all. Offensively we were a little... not messed up, but just getting used to a few different things that they've changed from last year. Last couple of days have been really good, to be able to actually be here and practice and clean those things up."

Jingles' understated sense of humour always makes for an entertaining interview. Jazz rookie Trey Lyles was described as "a great passer - not as good as me but he might be second on the team". What about new guard Raul Neto? "He's up there [in the Jazz passer rankings]. He's no where near me," Ingles offered with a straight face. "I mean our whole group, I think is pretty unselfish from top to bottom. Everyone can pass and is willing to pass, which I think is great."

Finally, a classic Jingles line, dropped when asked about Dante Exum. "[Exum] is great, I think. He’s Dante of old mostly, minus a few things in his knee." Ingles commented. "He knows what's ahead of him, he's working hard, everyone here will keep supporting him, he knows everyone's here if he does need to speak to anyone or want some help, everyone's here to help him.

Listen to the full interview here, or watch the interview video on the Utah Jazz website.