Aussies in NBA: Ingles' minutes reduced, still contributing

Joe Ingles 2015/16 campaign has gotten off to a slow start. He has seen a reduction in minutes in the first two games of this season compared to last season, and he looks to be struggling to find his rhythm.

In the season opener against Detroit, Ingles played 16 minutes and finished with 4 points and 2 rebounds. The Jazz bounced back from a loss against Detroit, to dispose of the Sixers with ease. Ingles played just under 14 minutes and again struggled to get involved on the offensive end, finishing with just 2 points and a rebound.

There was enough evidence in the preseason and last season to suggest that this two game slump is just that; a slump. I have no doubt that Ingles will find his offensive game soon enough and prove that he can knock down three-pointers from the wing consistently.

The offensive side of Ingles' game isn't too much of a concern, but his defence was severely lacking against Philadelphia. His direct opponents, Jakarr Sampson and Jerami Grant for most of the night, were able to drive past him with too much ease and attack the rim. He struggled to keep stay in front of his man, and was reliant on the help defence getting across. His defence has never been a strong point, but Ingles needs to be able to hold his own.

Although Ingles' minutes and production may been down, there is no doubting that he is still a huge part of the Utah Jazz. With such a young team around him, and after establishing himself as a leader last season, Ingles' mindset and mantra is still an important factor in the growth of the Jazz.

It is widely known that Ingles is loved by his teammates, coaches and fans. He is a great locker room guy and is always encouraging his teammates and keeping energy high amongst the group.

This video, released before opening night, showcases just how much Ingles is liked by those within the playing group. Everyone loves Slo-Mo Joe, well everyone except maybe Dante Exum after seeing this video.