Aussies In NBA: Joe Ingles' efficiency is solidifying his place in Utah

Joe Ingles has seen a reduction in minutes in his sophomore NBA season, but the swingman is still a big piece of the Utah Jazz puzzle. Ingles is one of only 6 players on the Jazz roster to have played in all 13 games so far this season.

His minutes have dipped to 13.1 per game through the first 13 games this season, down from 21.2 last season. Whilst his minutes are down, the efficiency of Slow-Mo Joe is at an all-time high. He is leading the Utah Jazz is effective field goal percentage at 60.8%, and true shooting percentage at 62%.

These stats show just how effective Ingles has been and can be when given minutes on the court. The continued emergence of Rodney Hood and Alec Burks has been the major contributor to Ingles' minutes reduction.

In the past week the Jazz have played 3 games, with Ingles averaging 8.6 minutes. Unfortunately over this stretch Ingles struggled to get his shot going and wasn't able to connect from the field once, having said that he only attempted 6 shots. He has contributed elsewhere on the floor though, with great team play and vital a vital assist against Toronto.

On Ingles' weekly catch-up with DJ & PK on 'The Zone', he talked about his fluctuating minutes.

"Especially last year with the couple of injuries we had, kind of knowing I was going to play more, and realistically I had to be out there with the numbers we had. Finishing the season starting and playing 30 minutes a game was, I guess, giving me a taste and you don't want to lose it. With Alec [Burks] back and Rodney [Hood] healthy, obviously these two are pretty big pieces of our team and I knew coming back and before I signed what the deal was."

Ingles continued by stating he aims to be ready every time Coach Quin Synder calls his name, "There will be some nights where I play more and some where I might not get in at all. Obviously everyone wants to play and everyone wants to help their team but I know my role and I'll come in and do what I've got to do when I get my number called."

He continued and, in typical Ingles style, finished with some humour.

I get to come in and inbounds the ball still, which is my favourite part."

And inbounds the ball he does!

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This crucial inbounds pass and then assist to Favors ensured the Jazz got over the line against the Raptors.