Aussies in NBA: Four random thoughts from media day

The 2015-16 season is drawing closer, and media day is but a minor milestone for all of us counting down to the NBA season opener. Here are some observations on our Australians during their respective media day sessions.

1. Andrew Bogut's hair game is on point ?


The Golden State center's certainly looking rugged and ready for the new season! Bogut upped his hair game during the Oceania series (middle), but the latest look he's presenting at media day has definitely trumped the casual locks he sported last NBA season (rightmost).

He might not be at Gordon Hayward's perfect hair routine yet, but Bogey sure is looking good.

2. Bogut and Ingles, probably the most entertaining Aussies in the NBA

Bogut pretended to be part of the media, and had a bit of fun at teammate Steph Curry's expense.

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Bogut also explained his rationale behind the light-hearted pranks. "You got to keep things loose in the locker room whenever you're playing, because you're with each other so much. If there's animosity or hate going on, it can derail a team - we've seen that before in the past."

Words of wisdom right there.

Not to be outdone, Joe Ingles was having fun on his end as well.

Ingles kicked his media session (1h 59min mark approx) off the right way. When told his dreams came true during the off-season, he exclaimed, "I know, I re-signed!"


The session degenerated into helpless laughter, when he realised it was directed at his recent marriage to Renae Hallinan.

When asked later about what he did during the off-season that made him look different, Ingles replied with a straight face.

I got a haircut. Waxed my chest...

It was obviously a comment made in jest, but the man never fails to find humour when answering questions. Never change, Jingles.

3. Patty Mills never tires of hearing g'day mate

Patty took over the Spurs' Twitter account during media day, and fielded a quick Q&A session.

This little gem surfaced:

Not when Americans try to say it, at least. (Emphasis on try.)

4. Big Banger flexes his guns

Aron Baynes took over the Pistons Twitter account on media day briefly. In line with the team's theme of the day, he flexed some #DetroitMuscle and showed a beefy bicep off.

He spoke briefly about trusting in head coach Stan Van Gundy's system, and wanting to get to know the team better, before making an exit.

Here's the question we all want to ask: how is Baynes recovering?

Journalist Aaron McMann pointed out Baynes' participation in training camp with drills and practice. Not full games yet, but still a positive sign, for those hoping for a Banger appearance at season debut.