Aussies in NBA Finals: Bogut injured, Warriors fall in Game 5

The Cleveland Cavaliers won Game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals 112-97 in Oakland, which saw Andrew Bogut injured and Kyrie Irving dominate.

As he fell after blocking a shot in the third quarter, Bogut hyper-extended his knee, and left the game, looking like he was unable to put pressure on his leg. An MRI to assess the damage is due on Wednesday EST, which is a delay that possibly indicates swelling (per CBS news), a bad sign for a player vying for the Olympics in August.

Bogut recorded three blocks for the game in eight minutes of play. Head coach Steve Kerr once again chose the fleeter footed Anderson Varajao (the flop-aholic) and Harrison Barnes to combat switches on defense.

Matthew Dellavedova played just three minutes, getting three fouls in that period, falling victim to a Varejao flop on one occasion:

Dellavedova played behind Kyrie Irving, who dominated the game alongside LeBron James – they had 41 points respectively, which marks the first time two players have combined for 40+ games in NBA history.

Irving, who spent the first couple of years of his life in Melbourne as his father played for the Bulleen Boomers there, was hyper efficient as he shot 70% from both the floor and the three point line, taking over the game in the 4th quarter.

James was booed every time he touched the ball due to his involvement in the Draymond Green suspension, nonetheless carrying his team for much of the game, combating 37 points from Klay Thompson and 25 from Steph Curry:

The Cavs will have their backs to the wall in another do-or-die game in Cleveland on Friday 11am EST, and face an undoubtedly fired-up Green as he returs, but will have momentum on their side.

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