Aussies in NBA: How does ESPN rank them?

ESPN's popular (and sometimes controversial) NBA player rankings invariably generate plenty of discussion for the fans. How did our Australians in the NBA fare, and how many were in the top 400?

According to Olgun Uluc of Fox Sports, most of our Aussies made a decent jump in this year's rankings.

Top 100: Andrew Bogut

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Bogut was ranked 66th, a jump from last year's 74. Bogut's role as a gifted passing big man has certainly not gone unnoticed. He's almost certain to make a big impact this year, and looks ready to go, even in preseason.

Top 200: Patty Mills, Matthew Dellavedova

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Having to deal with offseason surgery, rehab and a corresponding performance dip, meant Patty's rank took a hit, compared to his explosive performance the season before. He's ranked 162 now, compared to 151 the previous year.

He's still ahead of ex-teammate Marco Belinelli (#164), but behind other guards like Pistons guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (#150). Will he do better this season? Definitely. ESPN might very well be surprised here.

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For his gritty, outstanding performance during the NBA playoffs, Matthew Dellavedova rose through the ranks and is now at the 198th spot, from 312 previously.

Top 400: Aron Baynes, Joe Ingles

For his markedly improved contribution in San Antonio last season, the Big Banger was awarded with rank 303, rising 65 spots from his spot last season. A change of environment in Detroit, coupled with a brilliant coach in Stan Van Gundy might very well propel Baynes to new heights.

Meanwhile, savvy swingman Joe Ingles was ranked 336, a leap up from last year's unranked status. He has certainly made his mark on the Utah Jazz, being a versatile player who is capable of executing on all areas as needed.

Unranked mentions: Dante Exum, Cameron Bairstow

It's not surprising Dante Exum and Cameron Bairstow are unranked. Exum is still recovering from ACL surgery (injury update), while Bairstow's status is uncertain, while the Chicago roster remains in preseason flux.

Bairstow performed admirably in the Bulls' recent win over the Timberwolves. He notched 11 points on an efficient 5/6 shooting performance, including a corner three-pointer. What do you think, should the rankings have been different? Follow the #NBArank hashtag, and stay updated as more player rankings are revealed.