Aussies in NBA: Dellymania hits home

In a sign of his growing popularity, news has come about that the Cleveland Cavaliers will fund an Australian Day party in Matthew Dellavedova’s hometown of Maryborough, Victoria.

The news comes on the back of the recent announcement of a partnership between the Cavs and the Australian-based company, Sanitarium, as previously covered here at The Pick and Roll. The centrepiece of that partnership will culminate in an Australia Day game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Quicken Loans Arena. The game will be played on Monday, 25 Jan at 7pm Eastern time.

“I was very excited when I first heard that it could be a possibility. Even when I learned of the plans, I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much, but now that it’s all confirmed, I’m glad that everything has come together with the Cavs and Sanitarium’s Up & Go!” - Delly Diaries: I can’t wait to play on Australia Day

The game between the Cavs and the Timberwolves will be broadcast live on a big screen in the streets of Maryborough, and plans are already underway for a “street party” style of event. The entire event will form a part of the wider Australia Day celebrations in town.

Delly has previously speculated that there could be a sausage sizzle, or Four & Twenty pies, throughout festivities at Quicken Loans Arena, fare that will no doubt be abundant at Maryborough. He has even suggested that his Cavs teammates may wear green and gold shoes for the game.

It’s clear that Delly loves his hometown. And it appears that the feeling is mutual, with a community push to rename the local basketball stadium to the Dellevadova Stadium.

Whilst “Delly-mania” has engulfed Maryborough, it has taken Dellavedova off guard - he previously told Roscoe Whalan, from Believe the Hype, that the game was “a huge honor and something you know when I was trying to scrap my way to get a roster spot three years ago never would’ve imagined this happening”.

It is precisely that scrapping mentality and honesty that has endeared him to his fans back home. And you can bet that the entire town of Maryborough will be cheering him on, on Australia Day.