Aussies in NBA: The Delly oop continues

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on a roll right now. They've won 6 of their 7 games in the regular season, and are currently second in the Eastern Conference, right behind the Atlanta Hawks.

In the Cavs' latest victory at home, Matthew Dellavedova ended the night with 5 points, 9 assists and 3 rebounds in 33 minutes, in the 101-97 victory against the Indiana Pacers (box score).

It's hard to argue that Delly is anything but a positive impact so far. He's second on the team in assists per game at 6.1 (James leads at 6.4), and is one of the three Cavaliers in double-digit +/- ratings this season.

As Jayme mentioned earlier, Delly's offseason improvement is evident in his confidence on the court.

We’ll call it a mini-leap at this stage considering we’re in small sample size territory, but so far Delly is playing the best ball of his career. While early season numbers can be fleeting, they are backing up the eye-test of a more assured and aggressive Delly.

Delly is continuing to display more goodness in the alley oop column, and Tristan Thompson surely, is loving it. As of right now, the big man is still 100% on Delly-assisted field goal attempts.

Here's another success story of the Delly-Thompson partnership during the Pacers game.

The fancy LeBron finish

LeBron James also finished another Delly lob in an understated display of skill, switching hands for a mid-air finish at the rim.

[gfycat data_id="DelightfulHonestJackrabbit" data_autoplay=true]

Watch out, NBA. It looks like the Delly oop is going to be a thing.