[GIF] Delly's perfect lob for the Thompsonite dunk of destruction

Matthew Dellavedova had a pretty awesome night against the Miami Heat, scoring 14 points on some hot shooting from deep, but the real crowd pleaser was this perfect pick and roll play from Delly to Thompson.

[gfycat data_id="GenerousVillainousAmericanratsnake" data_autoplay=true data_expand=true] Faced with a hard show from Birdman after the initial Thompson screen, Delly's driving lane was cut off. He noticed Thompson rolling unobstructed to the rim however, and threw a pretty high lob. Andersen had begun to backpedal in an attempt to stop the dunk, but could not get to the ball.

Too late, Mr Andersen. Hurricane Thompson has arrived.

Delly has made some big strides in his point guard play this season. The timing and read of this play sums his improvement up perfectly, and might put a stop to the critics on Delly's underrated bench role.