Aussies in NBA: Delly at the deli

You're an NBA champion. Your team just unseated the defending champs, securing the first title in franchise history. The champagne's been all poured out, the WWE references have been made, and one of your teammates has elected to go shirtless for likely the whole offseason. He may even turn up to training camp shirtless and nobody would be surprised.

It's all over. Now it's time to go on holiday, smoke some victory cigars, and go work in a sandwich restaurant while disguised as someone named Hugh.

Wait, what?

In what is perhaps the most white bread (pun intended with no apologies forthcoming) way to celebrate an NBA championship ever, Matthew Dellavedova decided to try working undercover at Panera, a sandwich restaurant, as part of a contest called "Dinner with Delly", in which the winners would get to serve Delly his dinner.

No, of course not. They get to have dinner with the newest Australian NBA champion! Delly had his own special sandwich, known as the "Delly Pick", and a portion of the proceeds from sales of the sandwich, as well as Dellavedova t-shirts, went to the Boys and Girls Club.

Panera basically got taken over by any and everything Delly, as these pics show:

This is definitely an unorthodox way of celebrating a championship, but using his enhanced celebrity to help charities is as good as it comes. Well done, Delly!