Aussies in NBA: Don't miss Delly's assist highlights in Detroit

Cleveland took their third loss of their season in Detroit today, losing 99-104. Matthew Dellavedova had a quiet night in the Pistons' victory against the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers, scoring only 2 points on 1 of 6 attempts, and missing all 4 of his shots from deep (box score).

The Delly oop phenomenon however, is still well and alive. Check out these lobs he made to Tristan Thompson, and his pass to James Jones for the transition three-pointer.

The Delly oop continues

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Delly finds Jones for the transition three

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What do you think, is Delly regressing to the mean, or is this just a temporary slump?

*GIF work courtesy of Jayme Markus. Follow him on Twitter at @TheDontArgue.