Aussies in NBA: Dellavedova delivers, despite leg soreness

Matthew Dellavedova joined the Cavaliers' starting lineup against Orlando tonight. He scored 15 points and delivered 9 assists on a perfect performance with zero turnovers in only 24 minutes of play, on a night where he was nursing a sore leg (box score).

The Cavaliers emerged victorious against the Magic 117-103. Meanwhile, Dellavedova maintains his membership in an elite club with his sterling performance today. Only eight players have recorded 9+ assists with no turnovers this season, and Delly is the only one to do it twice, outside of Joe Johnson.

After the game, Delly was asked whether his offseason training objectives included improving his efficiency as a point guard by reducing turnovers while passing the ball well.

"It's not really something I focus on in the summer, but it's always a part of my game I'm going to work on. As a point guard, that's been drilled into me growing up, that the ball was the most important thing. So, you don't want to be loose with it or have careless turnovers."

Delly was asked about his leg soreness, but the guard brushed off his leg issues, and highlighted the need to chip in over anything else. "It's a little bit sore, but everybody's got things they're dealing with. Obviously we're a bit undermanned right now so, any way we can contribute helps, just trying to do what I can."

Here's to Delly's outstanding performance this game. Enjoy the video highlights of his impressive performance against the Orlando Magic below.

Scoring and assist highlights against Orlando Magic