Aussies in NBA: Could Dante Exum be Boston-bound in sign-and-trade?

Gordon Hayward's announcement on The Players' Tribune caused shockwaves throughout the Utah Jazz fanbase. The dust has not settled; there might be further movement in Salt Lake City.

Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald has reported that Hayward is expected to attend a Boston press conference in two days, and that a sign-and-trade between Boston and Utah is in the works.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, The Celtics are working on clearing cap space to sign Gordon Hayward, specifically in a sign-and-trade for Jae Crowder with the Utah Jazz. The deal would help facilitate Hayward's signing, and net Utah some assets in return, instead of losing Hayward for nothing.

Speculation right now, is that Rodney Hood, Dante Exum, or even Derrick Favors could be involved.

The situation is unlikely, given the lack of roster fit. Should he be moved to Boston, it's unclear how his role on the team would evolve, given the fact that the Celtics already have a stable roster of guards in Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas.

If Exum is indeed shuffled to Boston in a sign-and-trade deal, expect him to be dealt again for other assets in the form of draft picks or players that better fit the Celtics roster.

Exum has had a standout performance in the Utah Summer League so far, exhibiting growth in his playmaking skills.