Aussies in NBA: Broekhoff talks Summer League expectations

The latest episode of Believe The Hype features a very interesting name, one who could be making waves with the Denver Nuggets soon. Say hello to Ryan Broekhoff: Turkish All-Star, current Boomer and potential NBA player in the making.

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Broekhoff talked about how the timing worked out for his foray into the Summer League, and certainly sounds very positive about the upcoming Vegas games. "To be able to play with a few of [the other Australians in the NBA] in the national team, I compare my game and see how I stack up with Australia's best players who's played against the world's best. It gave me a bit more confidence that, that sort of goal and dream is definitely attainable for someone like me. All it takes is the right opportunity, the right team, and to get an opportunity to go out and perform, and make it happen. Broekhoff has admitted while that there is definitely mutual interest between the Nuggets and himself, it was important to prove himself at the NBA level. The swingman saw it translating to a things like consistent shooting at the NBA three-point line, and being able to fill a need that Denver might lack, among other areas. An interesting wrinkle that Broekhoff revealed in the podcast, was that he was originally invited to play in the Orlando Summer League as well, but pulled out due to what Broekhoff called a "shoulder hiccup". The shoulder however, has been treated with appropriate rehab measures in place, which is certainly a relief. The NBA seems to be trending towards a leaner, mobile lineup these days, the best example being what the Golden State Warriors exhibited last season. Broekhoff's combination of shooting and length makes him a likely prospect, and it only remains for him to go out that and prove it. [audio src=""]

Don't forget to listen to the entire episode for Broekhoff tidbits, including his training routine on the NBA three-pointer, his NBA role model (hint: current Cleveland swingman), his experience with fan T-shirts, expectations on the upcoming Boomer games and more. Great work by Tom and Benyam as always!