Aussies in NBA: Bogut on Warriors consistency, ballers switching to AFL

The interview rounds continue for Andrew Bogut, who followed up his appearance on the Bill Simmons podcast with a short return to the Breakfast with Frank and Ox show.

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With the Warriors heading for what could be an historic year, it's no surprise that many of the questions that come up in interviews revolve around how Golden State is able to do what they have been doing. On the Bill Simmons podcast, Bogut talked about the steadfast focus on fundamentals, but with Frank and Ox, he gave a bigger-picture view of events, talking about the value of continuity.

"In the NBA there’s not much patience anymore. It’s year to year, you gotta do well, and if you don’t, the GM or coach is getting fired or a player’s getting traded." Bogut said. The sacking of coaches such as David Blatt, Jeff Hornacek and, perhaps most pertinently, Kevin McHale this season really proves this point.

"We’ve been maintaining course, sustaining the same roster the last 3 or 4 years, at least our core guys. I think that’s unheard of in professional sports and if you can keep a team together for a decent amount of time I think it ends up working out." Bogut shared. It's hard to argue with that success.

What is more up for debate however, is basketball players changing sports and switching to the AFL. This has happened before; remember Hugh Greenwood? The most recent example is Mason Cox, now with the Collingwood Football Club, who was recruited from Oklahoma State's basketball team. Matthew Dellavedova, Bogey's fellow Boomer, is a huge Magpies fan, and he thinks AFL clubs would do well to extend their scouting into America's college athlete scene.

Bogues himself thinks that the conversion is certainly one that seems very doable. "[In the AFL] you need athleticism and good jumping ability and good timing. A lot of the American college [athletes] over here, they’re pretty strong and athletic and tall, I think they can pick that [part of the sport] up easily."

That said, he's not saying it'll be a free ride for any potential converters.

"I doubt we see a bloke coming from the States kicking 10 goals or racking up 50 possessions. I think that’s probably a little unrealistic. AFL is the only game that you definitely need to have a ball in your hands from a young age, just to pick up the nuances of the game."

It's certainly something to watch out for going forward!