Aussies in NBA: Bogut signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers

Andrew Bogut has had an eventful few days. First, the Dallas Mavericks traded him to the Philadelphia 76ers for Nerlens Noel, and now, after successfully negotiating a buyout, he'll be heading to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he'll likely get a third consecutive shot at earning a championship ring.

It's good to see that despite all this recent upheaval, Bogut hasn't lost his trademark sense of humour:

It also seems that Cavs alum Matthew Dellavedova had some influence on Bogey's decision:

With the additions of first Deron Williams and now Bogut (both incidentally last with the Mavs), the Cavs are going all in on veteran manpower to lead them to a repeat title win. The amount of talent and pedigree on this Cleveland team is pretty astounding as well:

With all signs pointing to a Golden State Warriors - Cleveland Cavaliers Finals, some extra spice has just been added to the mix. You can already imagine Bogut setting his signature bone-shattering screens on his former teammates. There's a good chance a scuffle breaks out between him and Draymond Green as well!

All the best in your title bid, Bogues!