Aussies in NBA: Bogut eyeing potential return

It's been a while since Andrew Bogut's last appearance, but the big man could be due for a return tomorrow.

According to John Shea from the San Francisco Chronicle, Bogut is due for a workout that will determine his playing status for the Warriors' coming game against the Detroit Pistons.

Bogut last saw action against the New Orleans Pelicans on 27 October, but suffered a concussion along with an eyebrow gash, and was sidelined afterwards, in accordance with the NBA's concussion protocol.

That being said, Bogut will likely be playing limited minutes, should he see action against Detroit. Acting head coach Luke Walton confirmed that the big man would likely be eased back into the flow of things.

“It’s probably more about easing him back in. He hasn’t played in a while now,” interim head coach Luke Walton said. “That’s something that’ll be decided once we know he’s 100 percent.” - source