Aussies in NBA: Bogut the denier

Andrew Bogut had a quiet night against the Indiana Pacers. In just 19 minutes, he put up 2 points, 6 boards, 1 assist, and most importantly, 3 blocks. The Pacers kept it close throughout, but the Warriors never looked in any real danger of letting the game slip. Stephen Curry's 7th career triple-double made sure of that.

Bogey's only points came on an offensive tip-in, and he didn't do much else on that end on this night. That may have been due to a return of the back spasms he's been battling all season long; whenever he subbed out, he went to lie on the floor near the Warriors bench to stretch that back out.

That said, he didn't allow it to diminish his impact on defense. Bogut made himself big and showed that, injury or not, rim protection will always be served. First to eat was Jordan Hill:

[gfycat data_id="YawningUnacceptableBlowfish"]

C.J. Miles, coming off the bench to try and spark some offense for the Pacers, got his layup attempt tossed out instead.

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And finally, MVP candidates aren't immune to the Bogeyman either, with Paul George seeing his jumper fade away into nothingness.

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The Warriors will be hoping Bogut's back recovers fully in time for the next game. It'll be a clash between the two top teams in the West, and the Dubs will need Bogut to be at his very best to help repel the San Antonio Spurs' legion of talented big men.