Aussies in NBA: Ben Simmons talks recovery, ready to start as point guard

Are we ready for Ben Simmons? The NBA regular season can't come soon enough.

In what looks like Ben Simmons' first interview in a long time, journalist Adrian Fedkiw checked in with Simmons at the Las Vegas Summer League to touch on various topics: his recovery, the Sixers' recent draft decision on Markelle Fultz and more.

Ben Simmons injured his foot last season during practice close to the start of preseason. He then sat the entire 2016/17 season out, following surgery to fix what was diagnosed as a Jones fracture.

When asked about his rehab status, Simmons confirmed that he was back on the court, and playing five-on-five.

He did admit that not being able to play in this year's Summer League, got to him a little.

"[Not being able to play] is frustrating, but I know I got a long season ahead of me, so I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym and getting better, till I start playing."

Simmons also confirmed Sixers head coach Brett Brown's decision on his upcoming role this season.

"I think coach wants to start me at the point. But I think, once we get into the flow of things, whoever gets the rebound, we'll just go. I think we'll be a quick-paced team.

"I think it's exciting. I think we have a great young team, and guys are willing to put in the work. I think the sky's the limit."

The Philadelphia 76ers have a core of exciting young players boasting the likes of Simmons, Joel Embiid, and now Markelle Fultz,. The team, while talented, have had their development hampered due to unfortunate injuries, most notably in Embiid, Simmons and possibly Fultz, who suffered an ankle sprain in an earlier Summer League game.

And here's this little gem from ESPN's Jeff Goodman. Baby steps, that's how you make progress.