Aussies in NBA: Baynes undergoes surgery, will miss Olympic qualifiers

It's been a quiet but successful off-season for Aron Baynes. Following the agreement of a multi-year deal with the Detroit Pistons, the center is looking forward to a fresh start with his new team, with his sights set on the playoffs.

“I’m looking to go in there and help them towards the playoffs and even further. That’s what we’re focused on and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.” - source

It's no surprise that Baynes is making the most of the NBA off-season to recuperate and get healthy. According to Melanie Dinjaski of Fox Sports, Baynes mentioned undergoing minor ankle surgery, and is positive about the recovery process.

“It’s coming along very well and hopefully I’ll be out of the boot within the week,” Baynes said.

“I’ve got all the resources I need to work as much as I can and get back to game fitness before the season. I’ve still got two and a half months, plenty of time to get there." - source

Having a fully healthy Baynes certainly bodes well for the Detroit Pistons. The surgery however, has had repercussions as far as the Boomers’ current campaign is concerned. The post-op recovery will leave the Detroit big man without an opportunity to play with the Boomers this year. Like fellow NBA athlete Joe Ingles, Baynes is optimistic and remains focused on the Rio Olympics.

“Because of the surgery it is unfortunate I’m not able to play with the Boomers this off-season, but my main focus will be Rio [Olympics]. That’s when we want to come together and be playing as a great team by then. We have all the pieces, it’s just a matter of putting it together.” - source

It's more than likely the Big Banger will not be making an appearance when the FIBA Oceania Championships roll around in August. According to Basketball Australia, less than 2,000 tickets are available for sale at this point, and the FIBA Oceania Championship game in Melbourne could very well open to a sellout crowd.