Aussies in NBA: Andrew Bogut close to new deal, expects signing 'in about a week or two'

It sounds like Andrew Bogut is closing in on his next NBA contract.

In an exclusive interview with Fox Sports' Tom Chadwick, Bogut revealed that serious discussions were underway with several NBA teams.

“I anticipate something getting done in about a week or two’s time,” Bogut said. “We’ve sent all the scans to teams that are interested and they’ve got those, they’re happy with them and they’ve started discussions now.”

Bogut did not share further details on the prospective teams, but confirmed that other free agency signings would have to be finalised for those teams, before discussions began on Bogut's own deal.

Bogut had spoken to SEN previously about his priorities being team fit and being on a competitive team, salary being less of a priority.

“They’re all competitive and winning clubs. I’m hoping a few more sneak in there once a few more players have settled. Money won’t be the number one driver, there are other factors I’m looking at, such as role and winning."

Could the Boston Celtics be it?

Outside of the two obvious championship contenders in the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, the Boston Celtics have firmed up as a dominant second seed in the East, following their acquisition of free agent Gordon Hayward.

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The Celtics strengthened their front court by trading a second-rounder and defensive guard Avery Bradley for forward Marcus Morris, but the rotation remains open for a veteran, low-cost big man who can help out on the rebounding front.

Bogut on last season's injury

“I think part of it was my fault. I was running around like a chook with its head cut off,” Bogut admitted to Fox Sports, on how he should have been more prudent.

“First game, new club, you’re trying to impress and earn minutes and fit in, and I was just trying to fly everywhere. I probably shouldn’t have flown out to the guy that drove by me, he wasn’t even really my man, and I got there late.

“I heard the crack and I thought it was him. So I looked at him and then he sprung back up straight away, I was like, ‘Uh-oh, must not be him’.

“I’ve done stuff to my shin before ... but this was a little different. It was delayed and then all of a sudden it started throbbing. Their bench heard the crack, I heard the crack, and the rest was history.”

Bogut also spoke with Fox Sports about the struggle he faced, how depression could have set in easily following that period of extended inactivity and isolation.

Thankfully, the big man has recovered better than expected, and it could be a fresh new start when the 2017/18 season rolls around, with a prospective new contract in the works.