Is Swaggy P Serious About Becoming Swaggy Dundee?

Could Nick Young truly be serious about donning the green and gold?

About a week ago, Nick Young, aka Swaggy P --probably out of boredom more than anything-- tweeted a random desire to don a Boomers jersey:

Basketball Australia responded good-naturedly...

... with some banter, including the Swagmeister's chosen Aussie nickname (Swaggy Dundee) and concerns about certain Australian lifeforms.

Depending on how you interpret his tweet, Andrew Bogut seemed rather dismissive of the idea.

Like most of us, it's likely Bogey saw Young's tweet as nothing more than something a professional athlete bored with the offseason would do for a cheap laugh or two, especially since Swaggy has a reputation for these kinds of shenanigans.

Straight from the horse's mouth, here's Swaggy P teaching you how one should 'reach full swag potential':

Swaggy P shows he's serious, initiates talks with BA

However, according to TMZ, Young may actually have legitimate interest in joining the Boomers, and has reached out to Basketball Australia on Boomer eligibility, citizenship and merit being some of the concerns.

The Pick and Roll has confirmed this independently with Basketball Australia, that this is not a rumour - Young's camp did indeed have a discussion on this rather remote possibility.

Count on Bogut to have something ready.

Like Bogey nicely pointed out, being a Boomer would obviously require Young to become an Australian citizen first, which means he'd have to hasten his marriage to Iggy Azalea, then live Down Under for a significant amount of time. It would be interesting to see how that's going to happen while he's still playing professionally in America. The Boomers could use a gunner. Personally, I highly doubt they'd have much use for someone who couldn't even start a single game for a godawful 2014-15 Lakers team. Besides, the Boomers already have snark-meister supreme Joe Ingles to provide humour to the team. They don't need someone 'hilarious' like Nick Young.

So, much like this shot...

[gfycat data_id="InnocentOddballBeaver" data_autoplay=true data_expand=true] (via kbop on reddit)

... close, but no cigar, Swaggy.