Aussies in NBA: Exum confirms return timetable uncertain

Dante Exum made his appearance in a Jazz game earlier today, in an interview with Jazz anchor Steve Brown. During the interview, Exum emphasized his mindset was to stay positive, and get better with the help of the coaching staff.

He also talked about how it felt being back with his teammates once again. "I'm feeling great at the moment. Definitely being around the team again, all the high hopes they have for the playoffs, but I’ve got to stay positive and that’s the main thing."

Exum also confirmed that experiencing a full NBA season had taught him a lot. "I kind of feel older this year, even though I’m still the youngest," the sophomore commented. "But I hope that I can help out some of the new guys this year in some way."

In closing, Brown made an observation about how Exum seemed to be moving well, and told Exum he would be expected to return to the court in about three weeks. The guard laughed at the obvious jest, and confirmed that no timetable had been set as yet. "No timeline at the moment, just staying on top of my rehab at the moment, see where it goes from there."

It's reassuring to hear more confirmation on Exum's ease of mobility. Reassurance aside, nothing is set in stone until a window of return is announced. Get well soon, Exum.