Aussies in NBA: Exum recovering and mobile without crutches

It's been too long since we've had any news of Dante Exum, after his ill-fated injury and subsequent operation. According to Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune earlier today, Exum was sighted at a Jazz practice session. He was walking without a brace or crutches, a tremendously positive sign as far as his recovery progress goes. He was also observed walking without a limp, albeit at a slower gait.

Update: Ben Dowsett of Salt City Hoops also confirmed Exum was walking with "no visible limp", during a Jazz shootaround earlier today.

It's obviously impossible to expect a speedy return to the court for the sophomore guard, given rehab is likely going to take a while. It's too early to even hope for a mid-season sighting right now.

Meanwhile, Utah's roster currently stands at 20 players (team salaries). This includes rookie Raul (pronounced Hah-OOL, not Rawl) Neto, whose defensive exploits have created a stir among fans during the preseason so far. Will "Wolfie" be the stand-in the Jazz needs to fill Exum's absence? How will the Jazz trim the lineup, as the regular season nears? Most importantly, stay tuned as updates on Exum's recovery surface.

Dante Exum's 12-assist night against the Denver Nuggets in 2014/15 season