Aussies in NBA: Delly scores in loss to Wizards

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost 85-97 to the Washington Wizards in an unexpected home loss. Despite massively outrebounding the Wizards 47-39, the team logged 18 unsightly turnovers, the fourth highest mark they've had this season so far. The highest 20 TOs they've had to date was against Milwaukee on 14 November.

Whilst his usual point guard plays were absent, Matthew Dellavedova was certainly feeling his scoring rhythm. He had 15 points on 5 of 9 shooting, along with a perfect 3 of 3 makes from the three-point arc. He also had 2 rebounds, an assist and 2 steals, along with three personal fouls (box score).

Random trivia: 11 is the most shot attempts Delly's attempted this season, and his 9 shots against Washington in this game comes second, tying his performance in Memphis (5 of 9 shots, 28 Oct).

Interestingly, Delly's assists in this game (one) went the opposite tack. From a season average of 5.6 assists a game, This game against Washington displayed Delly's second-lowest assists mark he's had all season long, the lowest being a zero against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden on 13 Nov. It's also an anomaly this season, considering Dellavedova usually clocks more assists at home (6.2) than he does on the road (4.7).

Matthew Dellavedova scoring highlights Stay tuned for more Dellavedova highlights, as the Cavaliers face off against the New Orleans Pelicans this Saturday on the road.