Aussies in NBA: Bogut explains errant pass to Jokic's face

Andrew Bogut created a stir today with a hard pass to a Denver big man's face, but explained his rationale afterwards.

The Golden State Warriors racked up their third loss today against the Denver Nuggets, making them 36-3 for the season. Andrew Bogut scored a season-high 15 points today, making 7 of 8 attempts from the field, along with 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 blocks and a steal in 32 minutes of play (box score).

Late in the third quarter, Bogut caught the ball from Andre Iguodala at the perimeter, and abruptly threw a one-handed pass right into defending center Nikola Jokic's grill. Bogut however, took to Twitter afterwards and explained why he'd thrown the ball that way.

No. Steph wide open under basket. RT @towelase: @andrewbogut on purpose or nah?

— Andrew Bogut (@andrewbogut) January 14, 2016

As you can see, Curry was indeed ready and able to complete the finish, if the pass had landed in his hands.


Unfortunate timing, and a slip of the finger.

You had one job, Steph

Bogut also came up with a brilliant near-assist late in the first quarter today, adding a bit of English to a bounce pass that flew right to a cutting Stephen Curry. Curry unfortunately, missed the layup and the opportunity to create yet another highlight for the duo. Seriously, that bounce pass though.

No matter what, Bogey remains one of the elite passing big men in the league. Never change, Bogut.

Never RT @Jason: Never change @andrewbogut -- never! 󾌴󾌴󾌴

— Andrew Bogut (@andrewbogut) January 14, 2016