Aussies in NBA: Bogut showcases new trick in Warriors loss

Everyone expected Portland to be in poor shape after the departure of its core, but the team proved itself otherwise, trouncing the Warriors comfortably. Andrew Bogut played 21 minutes tonight, scoring a perfect 8 points and making all four shots he took. The Warriors were badly outrebounded 38-48 by the Blazers in this 101-118 loss, and Bogut fell short when it came to cleaning the glass up. He only managed 4 rebounds overall, along with 3 assists, a steal and three blocks.

Bogey's new weapon emerges

Bogut kicked the game off with a little screen and roll action with Curry, and displayed the use of a left-hand hook, something that hasn't been seen much last season. He used the same hook shot to good effect later in the same quarter.

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Watch out. This new wrinkle might from Bogey very well be a staple offensive option in the months ahead.

The Dame block party

Damian Lillard was simply outsized this game. He was caught in a mismatch against Draymond Green twice on the low post, and got abused. Later on in the second quarter, Lillard attempted to finish at the rim, but was emphatically denied twice by Bogey. You got that right. Plumlee is big, but Bogut is huge.

A pinpoint tip

Bogut's third assist of the game came off a Thompson drive and miss. Bogut tipped the loose ball back out, right into the waiting hands of Curry. True to form, Curry faked his defender out, took a single dribble in and splashed the three with consummate ease.

All in all, Bogut delivered a rather balanced performance in this loss, and even showed us hints of a new offensive move. Will he be playing a bigger role on offense this season?