Aussies in NBA: Baynes out, has surgery for broken nose

The Detroit Pistons have officially announced that Aron Baynes will be out of action, while he undergoes surgery to repair a broken nose.

Baynes' broken nose was sustained during a recent game with the Oklahoma City Thunder on 27 Nov 2015. Despite that, Baynes received clearance from the doctors for continued court time, and appeared in three more games following the injury. This included a season high 21 minutes against the Houston Rockets, in which he scored 11 points on an efficient 5 of 8 performance. According to Aaron McMann of, head coach Stan Van Gundy confirmed that Baynes is planning to make an appearance when the Detroit Pistons match up against the Milwaukee Bucks tomorrow.

Aron Baynes might make his appearance in a protective mask when he returns, but the center has apparently expressed his desire to play without one.

"They're telling me he needs to wear a mask, they'll fit him for a mask," Van Gundy said. "He says he's not going to wear it, so we'll see. "He grew up playing rugby and stuff (in Australia). Those guys are a little crazy, so we'll see what happens."

The Big Banger is currently averaging 12.7 minutes of play, while scoring 4.3 points at a 46.7% efficiency, along with 3.9 rebounds (1.5 offensive) a game.